Have you grabbed your ‘personalised’ PayPal.me name yet?

Have you got your new paypal.me name yet?

Have you got your new paypal.me name yet?This is VITAL if you’ve got a personal or business PayPal account.

PayPal have literally just launched this brand new feature and I don’t want any of my readers to miss out on the best names (it’s free obviously).

Find out more here:

PayPal Launches PayPal.me

Effectively this new feature means you can pay people (gifts, wedding lists, owed money etc) or businesses (product sales, invoices etc) via a new personalised memorable link that’s unique to you. This is instead of having to go into PayPal and raise an invoice… and figure out what the correct email address it is and all that gubbins.

For example your link would be: www.paypal.me/yourname or www.paypal.me/yourbusiness

Anyway I wanted to let you know the moment I found out (as I said it launched today). There’s only one link per PayPal account and no two users can have the same name.

So grab your name quickly, before your namesake does!

Here’s that link again:

PayPal Launches PayPal.me

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