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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Price Grab Profits – Canonbury Publishing

Price Grab Profits - Canonbury PublishingHere’s fantastic way to grab £24…. £37… £60… even £1,296 from the Internet…

You’ve heard of ‘Price Comparison’ websites?  They list all the available prices for every conceivable product on the market… like cars, clothes, electronics, holidays and insurance…. allowing people to pick the cheapest available option.

And it’s not just official ‘price comparison’ sites that offer this. Go to Amazon or eBay and you can also search for a single product and see dozens of different price options for the very same product.

“So WHAT?” you yawn…

Well, they’re also a good way to make money, and here’s how…

Many companies offer super-cheap items called ‘loss leaders’. This is where they sell a popular product for much less than it costs to produce.

By selling a truckload of that product, they can build a massive customer base and grab a huge share of the market. It’s a common tactic, because it’s definitely worth the loss up front.

Okay, so that’s the scenario. Here’s how you take advantage…

You simply go to one of these websites… identify a loss-leader product that has been priced low… buy the product at the cheapest advertised price online…

… Then immediately sell it through one of the Internet marketplace websites for a higher price, and bank the profit!

For instance, say you find a really mega-cheap iPod Nano being sold by a company as a lure to get customers in.

You can snap this up at the bargain price and list it again online to bag a profit.

Or to take a real life example from the report…

You find an apple MacBook Air 1.6 Ghz. You buy it for £899. Then you sell it for £2,195.

This nifty little manoeuvre banks you £1,296 profit .

That is, of course, if you only buy one. You could buy three or and bag the same profit for each. Then you’d be talking £3,888!

Essentially, you pocket the difference between products that have been priced differently.

This is a little money-maker where the competition and the market is almost unlimited… and which can make you a fantastic little stream of extra income. It doesn’t even have to be a home business as such. This is more a way of nabbing chunks of extra cash when you need it.

I’m talking about scooping £24… £159… or even £1,296 from these websites, pretty easily, with just a PC and an hour or two each week… whenever you have it spare.

It’s all in Price Grab Profits, which comes with a risk free trial from Canonbury Publishing.

Click here to go to the Price Grab Profits website.

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