15 of the best April Fools’ Stories in 2015

Best April Fools Jokes 2015How was your April Fools’?

Did you wake up in a bath of cheese? Is your desk currently glued to the ceiling?

It’s not been the best year for pranks in the media, but there are a few hidden gems…

Here are my favourite stories from the newspapers, retailers and around the web.


Deaf Man Prosecuted After He Called Police Officer a Pig in Sign LanguageView story here (Telegraph)

Introducing the Steam Powered Gaming ConsoleView story here

Mad Scientist Becomes Superhuman After Gaining Night Vision PowerView story here (Metro)

Ed Miliband Goes Blonde View story here (The Sun)

Now You Can Take Selfies While You Read With Google ChromeView story here (Google)

Arizona law requires abortion providers to tell women procedure is reversibleView story here (The Guardian)

The World’s First Reversible Toilet SystemView story here (The Bathstore)

Salamander the Size of a Car DiscoveredView Story here (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Clarkson Goes GreenView story here (The Guardian)

New Tech That Let’s You Carry Out Transactions With Your PantsView story here (Firebox)

France Looks to Make ‘Looking Like a Prostitute’ IllegalView story here (Mirror)

Physicist Builds Time Machine to Reconnect With Dead Father  View Story here (Bloomberg)

Ant and Dec Add Third MemberView story here (Radio Times)

University of Leicester Change Name to King Richard IIIView story here (Independent)

How to Fight Crime With HoverbootsView story here (Genie Gadgets)

If you’ve come across any good April Fools’ stories, jokes or pranks please leave a comment below.

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