6 more great examples of free one page websites created using CheckThis

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I recently reviewed CheckThis – a new online tool that let’s you create simple one page websites for free.

You can see my original review here.

I wanted to do a quick follow up because there have been some fantastic examples of websites created using this platform. I really like the spirit of CheckThis, which its creators describe as ‘between nothing and a blog’. It fills a previously undefined gap in the market and could prove to be a valuable tool for ordinary folk, marketers and creatives who want to get up a funky looking webpage fast without shelling out on hosting – or faffing about with coding.

Here are 6 CheckThis websites I came across which I particularly like:

attariband checkthis
Instead of spending hundreds (or thousands) of pounds on a juggernaut of a website. This band have created a simple, but effective page with contains bio, their unique logo and a even a media player which lets you play and access their most recent tracks. It has a slick, design agency feels and costs… nada.

advertising post checkthis

This one showcases the more creative side of the platform. By uploading a bold, busy background the author has made his one page post ’15 Best Advertising Wishes’ really pop. It’s a great example of how you could use the platform to create an online brief or proposal for a client in a dynamic and energised format.

birthday invite checkthis
This is a funky example of a personal page set up as a birthday invite. Just a few words and an image but it looks much more pleasing to the eye than a bog standard Facebook invite or group email. The same sorted of thing could easily be created for weddings, christenings and other special events.

booksale checkthis

Here’s a well put together example of a one page online ‘pop up’ shop. It’s a nice change from the samey listings pages you see on Amazon or eBay and makes a bit of an offline spring clean something that’s very accessible and visually pleasing online. Saves a few quid setting up shop at the in a car boot sale as well…

online poll checkthis

Lastly this author has set up a 4 question poll which could be easily shared on Facebook or Twitter to maximise coverage. The simple act of adding an iconic background image gives it a professional sheen.

These examples showcase the platform well and show that with a touch of creative thought you can create professional looking pages using this tool. If you missed my orginal article you can see it here.

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