A Pyramid Of Mice and Men

Article by Charlie Wright

I don’t normally gush over something like this. But I’ve got an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

No, really, you can’t.

If you’ve ever wanted more cheese than you could ever imagine… (think “WHEEL OF CHEESE” here)…
then please read on…

I’ve found a cheese-building scheme that really works!

Make Cheese Fast!

You may have seen other cheese schemes and thought, “Blimey, what a RIP-OFF.”

But this is 100% GENUINE!

All you have to do is send a dozen wedges of cheese to everyone on the list I’m about to show you. Then put your name at the bottom of the list, and send it on to six friends.

When your name reaches the top, you will have received more than HALF A MILLION cheeses.

This is enough to build a Millennium Wheel of cheese… a legacy to pass onto future generations. A way you’ll be remembered for thousands of years to come.

Here’s the list you need to send your cheese to:

1. King Mouse – Overlord of all Mice
2. Herman Mc Whisker – chief mouse henchman 3. Mr Gobbles – head mouse propagandist 4. Mickey, also a mouse.
5. Mr Mouse of Mouse hill.
6. Mousy Mouseman the Mouseketeer

Please note, in no way is this a scheme by a bunch of evil Nazi mice overlords to scam cheese from you.

Yeah right.

I HATE pyramid schemes

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But I loathe and detest pyramid schemes.

And although it sounds ridiculous, when you swap “cheese” for “money”, and “mice” for “greedy conmen”, there’s no difference.

A pyramid scheme is a crime against humanity. It’s theft. A way to steal from behind a veil. It’s the very OPPOSITE of what I believe a biz opp should be.

“So what, Charlie?” you might be thinking. “We know all of this already!”

Well, here’s where I might get a bit controversial…

I think the same of MOST multi-level marketing schemes I come across these days.

No, in many cases they’re not scams. And yes, some people occasionally make a little money from them if they get in quickly enough. And sometimes (like when I reviewed PAS Systems) people tell me I go overboard in my accusations that they are ‘scams’…

Okay, fine. Sue me for saying what I think.

But this is what I believe: most MLM schemes I see this days are not REAL businesses. They don’t have a “unique selling proposition”, or a desirable product, or a sound business base.

They won’t make you independent, proud or happy.

They won’t see a great legacy carried on to your kids and your grandkids.

They’ll probably make you poorer, not richer. Or at least waste your precious time.

And I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

Take Pro Wealth Solutions for example

For instance, a new reader emailed me the other day (welcome on board the crazy train, by the way!) He wanted my opinion on a new MLM scheme called Pro Wealth Solutions.

Now, the Overlord Mice who run this particular cheese-grabbing scheme make these claims…

  • Get a $25 bonus FAST START BONUS the very next week!
  • Long Term Residual Income
  • Power Pools…Easy To Qualify!
  • 3 x 6 Forced Matrix…Top Spots Available!
  • Up to $132,000 Per Month!
  • 100% Automated Recruiting Systems!
  • No Phone Calls!
  • No Selling!
  • No Meetings!
  • Ground Floor Opportunity!
  • Backed By Debt Free 20 Year Old Company!
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted!
  • International Members Welcome!

Great. Smashing. Lovely. But where’s the product?

Where’s the actual THING or PRECIOUS IDEA you are going to sell?

There is none. It’s all about building a pyramid of money for the people at the top. (Yes, even if it isn’t technically a pyramid scheme).

See, in a legitimate MLM scheme, the main commissions are earned on sales of the company’s products. These are good.

Non-legitimate companies make their money mainly by attracting new participants or selling them “marketing services”, as opposed to actual products.

These are bad. Avoid them like a plague of rats.

No money should be earned just from recruiting alone (or “sign-up fees”). So beware of claims that you’ll make ever-larger sums of money by growing your “downline” (commissions on sales by people you
recruit) rather than sales of products you make yourself.

When it becomes all about getting commissions for recruiting additional people, this kind of set-up may as well be a pyramid.

The only people getting rich are the rats perched at the top, feasting on their massive wedge of FREE CHEESE.

So here’s how to lay a trap for the blighters…

What to do when considering an MLM

When faced with an MLM scheme, ask yourself some questions:

* Is this really a sound business I can take into the future, with solid fundamentals?

* Is there a product or unique idea in this system?

* Do I know anyone, genuinely, who has got rich from this kind of thing before (I certainly haven’t)?

Now you need to ask the MLM promoter some questions too…

* Ask them to back up their claims with hard evidence.

* Ask to see the money typically earned by participants.

* Ask for a description of the time and effort required to reach specific levels of income

* Watch out for “shills”. These are decoy references from people saying how great something is and how successful they’ve become. But they’re usually paid for (and even written) by a promoter.

My new reader also mentioned that he’d been bombarded with emails warning that if he didn’t join up soon, he’d “lose his downline position”.

This is a classic marketing trick to get you to sign up fast without thinking it through. It adds a sense of urgency, but it’s false.

Ignore desperate gambits like this.

Better still, think seriously about what REALLY makes a business these days.

Have a good idea… or buy low and sell high

A good home business is either one where you market and sell a product, an idea, your expertise, or some information that other people will pay for.

You can then use affiliates and yes, even clever multi- level marketing, to expand that empire.

(I’ll be going into this in more detail next month)

OR… a home business should involve you buying something for a LOW PRICE and selling it to others at a HIGH price.

This includes stocks, shares and commodities… as well as books, clothes, arbitrage bets, antiques, collectables, art, wine…

One of the best ways to do this is through eBay – the biggest and greatest marketplace of all time. As I’ve said before, it’s a cracking little way to get on the biz opp ladder… without lining the pockets of Nazi Mice.

If you’re interested in setting yourself up as a trader, or finding out more, then you should check out eBay Powersellers Secrets.

This is real, old fashioned, back-to-basics business.

And I ain’t ashamed of it, neither.

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