A shocking confession

Article by Charlie Wright

If you’ve browsed through the website, you’ve probably seen that I’ve reviewed a few trading services. (You can view them here)

Fixed Odds Trader, for example, which is a £500 a year subscription service… or Insider Signal, a spread-betting product that costs £1,977.

Now, I’m all for investing money in things like these. And these two are corkers, make no mistake.

If you’ve got the money to invest, then do it.

That said… I have to admit something…

And it’s hard for me to say…

In fact, this may shock you…

I haven’t always been a biz opp genius with thousands to invest.

In fact, I am STILL not a biz opp genius. And I still DON’T have piles of cash to throw at every opp that comes my way.

‘What?’ you say. ‘Are you crazy? Are you telling me you’re not as rich as the Rich Jerk?’

Yes. It’s true, I confess!

I’m no different than you. I’m a seeker on the right track, not a bragging ‘millionaire’ in a mansion (How many of these guys REALLY are, hmm?)

So I consider everything that I might spend my money on very carefully. And for two reasons:

A) Because if I don’t, I get a slap round the head from my girlfriend. (As I will if she’s reading this right now.)

B) Because money is important. I like to divvy up my spare cash among the things I love the most. Some of it goes on business, some of it goes on a flutter, and a lot of it goes on wine, beer and music. (For which I also get a slap from my girlfriend, but hey ho.)

So if you’re not sitting on huge piles of money right now, but would like to try things like Insider Signal, or Fixed Odds Trader, then this is your lucky day.

I’ve found a way you can learn from a bona fide expert, without paying through the nose for the privilege.

This is dead, dead cheap.

And really, really good.

At last, something genuinely new

‘How to Easily Trade Your Way to an Income For Life’ is brand spanking new, so you’ve probably never come across it before.

(Wow, something NEW. A miracle!)

The 116-page manual thumped onto my desk last week and I immediately read it cover to cover.

Not bad for someone with an attention-span so short that I often-

—-oh, look, a bee!

Anyway, the deal is this. A guy known only as ‘Mike’ has come up with a groundbreaking course that shows you how to spread bet the FTSE, the DOW, commodities and the currency markets.

Why the lack of surname? Well, like ‘Andy X’ of Insider Signal, or ‘Mr X’ of the Insider betting service, he likes to remain anonymous.

I reckon he could have come up with something like, ‘The Guru’ or ‘Agent X’, but then that’s just me!

It doesn’t really matter, because the course is full of honest details, written in the kind of pub-chat style I like.

And instead of just showing you the fundamentals of a spread betting, he tells you what to bet on and how to do it.

Have a look at his sales letter and you’ll see his track record is pretty good. You’re looking at £50 – £200 a day.

But this is the bit I really liked…

(It’s pretty much how you and I feel when we see these mega-expensive spread betting products.)

He says:

‘I’ve bought the £300 books, the videos, I have been on the courses costing around £200 an hour and I have paid the £100 a month for the ‘tips’. And the bottom line is that I have lost thousands of pounds! I also ended up baffled by the alternatives offered to me and the jargon used.’

The guy’s honest at least!

Thing is, I reckon TOO honest… and I’ll tell you why.

He’s under-priced his own product

I’ve been in this game long enough to know that a good trading course can go for £200 – £2,000. And sometimes that’s just for a stand-alone manual.

That’s because when something works, you can charge a high price.

Imagine someone came to you with a scrap of paper with the winner of the next Grand National written on it. You wouldn’t care about the number of pages, or the handwriting.

You’d pay thousands.

But Mike is not only offering a manual that shows you how to spread bet for a regular extra income… he’s also offering a free mentoring service.

That means you can follow and copy all his trades for 30 days.

Really, he doesn’t need to give this away, because he’s charging less than £80 for his course!

Not sure how long he’ll offer it at this price, though. My bet would be that in 6 months time, this promotion will do the rounds with a price tag of at least £200.

Call me an old cynic, but that’s the way of things.

The upshot is, if you’re interested in learning about spread betting but don’t want to pay through the nose for a trading service, get this manual first.

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