Ad Break Trader

Ad Break Trader

Ad Break TraderI just wanted to give you a quick heads up about what we’re looking at right now. A lot of you have emailed in about Jason Alexander’s new Ad Break Trader strategy.

Like you I’m pretty excited about this one. It launched the other week and is already causing an almighty buzz.

I’ve just put an Insider’s Edge beta tester on this and can’t wait to hear how he gets on.

The key appeal is that it’s a way to trade in the evenings. It’s also ‘set and forget’ which means that you can just place a trade and then walk away. You don’t have to keep monitoring or checking it.

You can check it out here

A few things to note…

1. It’s incredibly low risk (which is as rare as hen’s teeth and elephant trousers in the FX game)

Too many FX trading strategies quote ridiculous profit figures to lure you in… then ‘forget’ to mention the gigantic stop loss you’d have to use to get those returns. This is completely reckless because you’d need an unattainable betting bank to start with and be prepared to risk half the GDP of Fiji on individual trades.

On Ad Break Trader your max level of risk is 11 pips a trade using the ‘set and forget’ approach. Just to put that into context, if you were trading at say £1 a pip you would only ever be risking £11 on a single trade.

2. Jason Alexander offers brilliant support (and genuinely cares about his members)

I’ve met Jason a few times now. He’s a top bloke and takes support very seriously.

I’ve trawled through the pages and pages of testimonials he’s had over the years and spoken to some of his members. People love his honest, no nonsense approach.

He’s also set up a members’ website which is choc full of tutorial videos. I’ve been poking around there and found it very easy to navigate. Most of the videos are around 5 minutes long – so nothing too daunting.

3. You can try it risk-free at the moment

Canonbury are currently offering a 30 day risk-free trial on this which you can see here:

Well worth a look.

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