Alright don’t have a go at me, have this complete opp for nothing

Article by Charlie Wright

“Oi Charlie Wright!”


“Why don’t you cut right to the chase?”


“Why are you always banging on about your bathroom, your kids, your dog, your latest side-project, your headache, your latest effing product… then ask me to fork out for some book or other… just TELL ME HOW TO MAKE MONEY and DON’T CHARGE ME A PENNY.”


No need for that tone.

But here goes then. I will do what you ask.

In the most “cut to the chase” EVER article I’m going to show you a way to get off your backside and start making money.

No, this isn’t the only way. No, it’s not necessarily the best way. No, it’s not a guaranteed thing. And no there’s no push button miracle involved. As I said the other week “Aren’t you sick and tired of all this magic get rich quick rubbish?”

Okay, so here is a complete information marketing business. And I’ll explain it like a recipe.

16 Steps to A Profitable Online Business

Here goes….

1.     Find a niche. In layman’s terms you need to decide on a topic. The golden rule is that it MUST have a ready supply of information products (manuals, newsletters, books, CDs, seminars, courses, systems) you can sell via an affiliate. You’ll need this to monetise the business in the early stages. In the later stages you can develop your own (more in a minute!)
How to do it? Go to Clickbank and spend at least 1 hour browsing the categories and skim-reading the sales promotions. Write down what kind of topics have a decent supply of information products. What appeals to you? What doesn’t? What makes you want to poke your own eyes out with a stick? What makes you tingle with excitement?
2.     Find as much information about your niche as you can. Go to Google and start hammering in words related to the niche, or that people who are fans of that niche might Google. You’re looking for the following: articles, news, views, reviews, opinions, tips, products.
3.     Save the best and most interesting links on ‘your favourites’ (it’s in your browser, or just cut and paste the link onto a document, or if you’re really rubbish with computers, WRITE IT DOWN ON A PIECE OF DEAD TREE.) Compile some of the most useful information onto a document, or print it out and create a folder.
4.     Spend two weeks immersing yourself in your subject. Read, read, read. Cut, cut, cut, cut. Paste, paste, paste. You won’t believe it right now but you’ll be brimming with knowledge after two weeks. And you’ll have more information that you can shake a big stick at. If you’re not still inspired and excited, you’ve chosen the wrong niche. Go back and start step 1 again.
5.     Now buy a URL for a website where you can start publishing information on your niche. Go to 123Reg and try a few options out. Make it specific to your niche. Avoid using hyphens. Yes, you’ll have to pay for the domain name and hosting. But this is your only expense in this entire process.
6.     Go to WordPress and set up a basic blog website. (A blog is a website that is regularly updated with short articles, tips and news). It’s free and you don’t need any technical knowledge. However, it does take a bit of practise and getting used to. Make sure you add the following to your blog: a bit about you and why you’re doing this and a photograph of you.
7.     Start blogging. By that I mean you write 500 words every other day and post it on your blog. You should do one or all of the following: express opinions, pass on news, tips and advice, offer useful links and resources, ask for feedback and ideas. Make it personal, simple and avoid writing in long sentences. Avoid flowery language.
8.     Go to Twitter and join up. When you write a blog, ‘tweet’ the blog with a link to your site. Whenever you come across any interesting articles in your niche by other people, tweet them too. Follow as many other people blogging about your niche as possible. Watch as the followers come on board.
9.     Go to Mailchimp and sign up to their free broadcasting system. It allows you to mail up to 1000 people before they start charging you.
10. On your blog home page, offer a free gift in return for the visitors email address. This could be a report you’ve written, it could be a compilation of the best tips you’ve published so far, or one you compile from articles by other people. These are found in an article directory (type “article directory” into Google and see what comes up.)
11. Now start emailing your list at least once, ideally twice, every week. Just use the blog copy you’ve written but make it personal and write as if to one person only. This is now your direct line to your audience. If you want to know how to do it, follow this: Click here
12. Submit your best blogs to the article directories you came across in step 11. Make sure you include a few lines about yourself and a link to your website.
13. Be persistent. Keep blogging, emailing and tweeting. Join forums and Facebook. Eventually you will start attracting visitors and sign ups. After about 6 months your blog will start getting picked up by Google searches.  Make sure you blog on timely, relevant and specific topics and subjects.
14. When you have a list of readers, now you can start offering them the best products you found on Clickbank.

15. Seek out JVs. By now you’ll know almost every publisher, blogger and product in your topic area. Email them, ask if you can sell their best products as a joint venture.
16. Even better, create your own information product. This may sound outlandish but when you immerse yourself in a niche you’ll be amazed – ideas will come to you, you’ll see products that you believe you can do better, and you’ll have a list to market them to.
Okay, okay, so there’s more to it than I can put into 1000 words… but if you’ve ever considered internet marketing, then this is a proven route.  

If all the above sounds like too much work or effort then internet marketing probably isn’t for you. I don’t know any instant overnight push button millionaire publishing secret.

But the steps I’ve shown here aren’t rocket science either. It just takes persistence.

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