An Ebay con to watch out for

Article by Charlie Wright

You may notice that I went AWOL on Wednesday and didn’t send you an email. My huge apologies for this.

I had decided to go for a long weekend break in Brighton at the Hotel Pelirocco – a kitsch old rock star’s haunt near the western pier.

But by the time Wednesday arrived I had a zillion and one things to do… and we were supposed to go on Thursday.

In the end, time beat me.

I ran away from home with bills unpaid, phone calls unmade, emails unanswered, food un-bought, washing un-done, dishwasher un-emptied…

Anyway, I’m sure you understand.

While I love writing email newsletters. They are a little bit like having a child or a dog. You can’t really leave them alone for long periods. If you go away on holiday, you have to make provision.

Last week I failed!


But I’m back with a scam

I’ve had a few emails warning a scam couple Called Monty and Janiece Smith. They run a an Ebay set up which sells titles like ‘expressprofitsonline’.

One reader says:

‘I bought an eBay Course from them last November, reduced from $997 to 397. I paid by credit card through safe server. When you have paid and you pass through the system they send you to a dead link.

‘They give a contact e-mail which is either returned as un-deliverable or they don’t reply. They have an answer phone which they don’t reply.

‘I have lost my $397.’

This is really bad behaviour, in my opinion. And I’d like to think that they simply had a bad customer services day. But I hear that one of the traders who put a testimonial on their website has withdrawn her support because she knows they are ripping people off.

Yet they’ve ignored her pleas to remove her words from their site.

I’ve checked around myself and it looks like a few people have lost money this way.

This one just about sums it up:

‘I ordered an online book from this company about selling on eBay. There was a ‘Rock-solid, You Can’t Lose, Iron-clad Guarantee.’ It stated ‘If at any time you aren’t absolutely convinced that you’re on to something real. Just sent it back for a ‘no questions asked’ refund. If you’re not delighted I promise an immediate 100% refund.

I got the book, read it, and it was nothing but hype and worthless junk I could have gotten free a dozen different placed. 2 weeks after purchase I requested a refund. I got a response back 2 weeks later, saying I had to print out and snail mail a refund request to get my ‘immediate refund.’

‘I did this and then nothing. No refund, no email, no communication of any kind. I wrote again in early December again asking for my refund. Got nothing, not even the courtesy of a response.’


So PLEASE give these guys a miss. AVOID!

My thoughts on Passport to Wealth

There have been a few questions about Passport to Wealth, which is doing the rounds at the moment.

This is a legitimate business, but it’s a multi-level marketing business. So if you go to the MLM review section of the website you’ll see more of my opinions on these kinds of business.

In the case of Passport to Wealth, you are selling a bunch of US information products using websites they provide for you. The way you make money is introducing more and more people so you create a down-line.

The big problem is, you need a lot of people on your list, and a good marketing set-up aleady to make a lot of money. And the real money is made by people who get in early with big lists.

It’s hard to know for sure if Passport to Wealth are good or not, because the web is filled with people who are cheerleaders for the MLM.

If you’ve had some good experiences with them, please let me know about it so I can write a more detailed review.

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