Are you experiencing overload?

Article by Charlie Wright

So there I was at the Big Chill festival at the weekend, trying to relax and have a drink.

But I had information overload.

Sarah and I were with a bunch of friends on a big rug at the top of a field. We had a programme, but there were at least 12 different places we could be at any one time.

Cinema in the Media Mix Tent… folk music at the Strongbow tent… the dance tent… the main stage… the sanctuary stage… the castle stage… the arts trail… the body and soul massage area… the 24 hour café… the campsitet… the food stalls… the main bar…

How do you choose between all that after a few cans of cider?

There were hundreds of bands and acts, lots of whom I wanted to see. But with information overload, we just sat there and jabbered to each other, while musical acts drifted by, unnoticed.

We were blinded by choice.

So we stole a boat instead

At one point, Sarah and I bumped into some guys from a London funk band called The Egg, and their drunk friends, whom I see around sometimes.

Influenced by their ‘evil’ rock and roll antics, we ended up commandeering (stealing) a rowing boat on the bank of one of the ponds.

There were no oars. One guy used a branch with leaves to drag us off shore. By the time we were lilting dangerously in the middle of the pond, security spotted us and came rushing over to the lakeside in their yellow coats.

We got back to the side and trudged up the bank.
Security then took the boat away and hid it.

Yes, I know. I am definitely getting too old for all this.

The point I am trying to make is that this is what happens when you get information overload. You end up confused and bobbing in the middle of a lake with no paddle.

It’s a bit like all this biz opp lark…

Are you getting overloaded, too?

I’ve had a few emails from readers who complain they get so many promotions, tips and recommendations, they feel overwhelmed.

You may feel the same… like you’re adrift, trying many different things in small doses, with nothing quite big enough to get you to the shoreline.

Now, I know you’re going to think this is weird, considering that I am one of the people offering recommendations, but I’ll say this…

…I agree!

If I tried EVERY biz opp on my site I’d be skint and have no time to manage the Biz Opp Jungle. There would be no more emails, no answering queries and no reviews.

Basically, no business.

So I’d hardly expect you to grab at every available home business idea as well!

I hope that you treat the Biz Opp Jungle as a bit of fun and good company. Please don’t get hung up on buying everything I – or anyone else – recommend. Treat your various biz opp newsletters and email subscriptions like a huge conveyor belt of ideas.

Take or leave whatever you want. You never HAVE to buy. You’re only encouraged to look.

If you’re worried about risking money, only try products that have a 3-month money back guarantee. (I always tell you if I think the guarantee is sound, without hidden catches.)

If it’s a book or a one-off manual, then 14 to 28 days is fine.

A good starter’s tip is to road test a single biz opp for
3 months. If it doesn’t make you money, then send it back and get a refund. Then choose another.

If it IS working for you, keep going, but now begin ANOTHER part time biz opp and see how that goes, too.

Because here’s the big secret…

Aim for multiple income streams

You should aim to build up multiple income streams from a variety of biz opps.

Instead of going for one home business that will make you £50,000 in your first year… you’re more likely to find three or four that make you £10,000 a year.

But you’re going to have to try them first to find out.

Take yours truly as an example. Although I’m nowhere near a millionaire yet, I live an independent, job-free life (even though I steal boats).

This is because I combine many of the biz opps you see on my site. Elements of copywriting, website, internet marketing, affiliate, adsense, Rich Jerk and Avril Harper are all used in the Biz Opp Jungle…
and other income streams I have.

But that’s just me and my own personal collection of biz opps.

You are unique, with your own skills, interests and goals. For example, over the next few years, you could combine income streams including fixed odds trading, the stock market, web marketing and blogging. Check out some of the reviews on these opportunities on the website here.

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