Are you ready to join the A-Team?

Article by Charlie Wright

I feel like Esther Rantzen on ‘That’s Life’… fighting for the rights of the consumer, using only the power of my enormous teeth and snazzy 1970s blouses.

After my plea for info on the racing tipster, Paul Howell, I got some great feedback. One reader pointed out that you can get the home address of the holder of a P.O box number on the Royal Mail website.

Enter the box number into their search engine and you’ll get the full postal address of the holder.

In another email, E.T writes

“I’ve come across this website ( that helps locate people, covering USA, Canada & western Europe. It requires a subscription but it could pay dividends for your friend who is owed a refund from Paul Howell.”

Then he says, “Hey, this could be a Biz Opp – a People Finder Agency!”

Well that’s not such a bad idea at all!

If you ran a scam website this could be a great and unique add-on. You could form a kind of mercenary ‘A-Team’ with a bunch of friends and get hired to track down Scamsters in a customised black van.

All for the fame and glory.

And for a fee, of course.

Meet an OAP who makes £165 profit each week

Last week I talked about my favourite part time home businesses. And just to encourage anyone who still thinks they can’t easily earn a couple of hundred quid a week with Ebay, check out this great email.

“Hi Charlie, I am an OAP (Now referred to as Senior
Citizen!) I spend around 1 hour a day selling on EBAY and my average t/o is around £500/week, giving average £165 profit – so I can at last pay my council tax!”

“Main qualifications are: organised – narrow niche market – sense of humour!”

So there we go. You could work one hour a day and make £165 pure profit each week. That’s more than £20 an hour for sitting at a computer.

Once you’ve got something earning you £165 extra each week, you’re on your way. It’s a base from which you can build great things, combining other similar biz opps to introduce other income streams.

For instance, here’s another encouraging email about a Biz Opp Jungler who has started selling second hand books on Amazon.

“Hi Charlie, Just thought I’d write and tell you that I tried the Amazon ‘Sold Dispatch ‘and it’s great! I have listed all my own books, and joy of joys, my local library was having their annual sale, so I popped down and bought lots!

“I have sold 8 books now and my profit has paid for my library purchases. I’m rarin’ to go, and even my daughter has started because I was so excited about it all. Sharon’s blueprint is excellent and easy to follow.”

“This pensioner has got the bug, and its books, books, books for me. My poor husband is outside right now, clearing my outhouse, ready to store my purchases.”

Check out the review of this on my site if you haven’t already.

Of course, there are hundreds more ways to make money in your spare time.

Why not get into online publishing?

If you’d like something a bit more unique than just buying and selling stuff, then why not go into publishing?

You could start a blog, for instance. I know that a guy called Jonathan Street is working on a product that will show you how to do this, so I’ll wait keenly for that.

There’s lots of resources on this on the website here.

Blogs are pretty cutting edge. They’ll be the next big thing, but I am not sure exactly how, yet. So watch this space.

In the meantime, you could try something a little more old fashioned… like setting up your own website, writing your own ebook, or starting your own e-letter.

Yes, you could become like ME! That means you talk too much, drink too much, bore people about music, and type so fast you get repetitive strain injury!

That said, I managed to start up the Biz Opp Jungle in my spare time, so I’m doing something right.

The only difference between you and I is probably that I’ve spent many years learning how to write copy. This means that I can write my own (and other people’s) websites, emails ebooks and sales copy, which is a big advantage.

But did you know that if you’ve got a great idea for a book or website, you don’t NEED to write anything yourself?

Yes, you could become a publisher without ever writing a word. And here’s how…

Get experts to ghost write your ideas

There’s a great website where you can get other people to write your stuff for you called elance.

Once you’ve got an idea you want to see written up, you go to the site and describe the kind of job you want doing.

You don’t need to know every detail about what you want. Just enough to get quotes from different professionals. The secret is to be a bit vague about your idea, otherwise someone could come along and steal your book or product idea.

Or you could actually use this resource to steal – sorry, BORROW – ideas from others, and see what the market is like right now.

The professionals will pitch for your business. They’ll tell you what you can expect to receive… how long it will take… how much it will cost… with work history and samples

You then select the writer who you think gives the best value quote.

Once the project is under way, you get a private message board to communicate with the writer, share and review files, and keep track of work as it gets done.

So now there’s no excuse to start your own part-time publishing empire.

You could write about biz opps, fishing, fashion, war stories, erotic fiction, music, politics, art, the countryside, tourist towns, classic cars, cult films,
knitting, cheese, hatched roofs, birds, chocolate, fine wine, television, comic books… ANYTHING.

Just make it niche. And find out if there’s an audience first, before you launch into it.

Three more part timers…

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, here are 3 good little part time businesses blueprints Nick Laight offers for free when you take up a trial of his What Really Makes Money Service.

* Become a ‘home computer doctor’.

There are hardly any proper ‘home computer doctor’ services in the UK. But loads of people need their computers servicing. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do this. You need only good organisational skills and a “pioneer spirit”, according to Nick.

* Turn the free information hidden in your local council’s planning office into a £25,000 per year part-time sales lead brokerage business.

The idea with this one is that you supply trades people like plumbers, electricians and builders with sales leads. All you do is go to your local council planning office and find out where the next big building projects are about to happen, then sell on this information.

* Start your own premium rate phone business for less than £200 – and in less than a week!

Look at any magazine or newspaper and you’ll see that thousands of people are making money for premium rate services like Adult, Dating, Tarot and Psychic, plus ringtones and screensavers for mobile phones. For a few hundred quid, you can start your own service.

Nick’s got plenty more where those came from, but these three are good little part-timers, in my opinion. You can subscribe to What Really Makes Money here.

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