Beta testers wanted for secret mission…

beta testers

beta testersI’ve just had a very interesting chat with Nick Laight from Canonbury Publishing. He was calling to give me a heads up about a brand new betting service that he’s currently putting through its paces.

I’m pretty excited about this…

It’s run by a big name in the horse-racing world who can’t, for obvious reasons, reveal his identity (he couldn’t even tell me who it was) but this is an insider with some serious clout.

I’m testing this using my own betting account for Insider’s Edge but I’ve also been told that I can take on 5 beta testers from my readership as well.

The service is very straightforward and successful applicants will be sent an email each morning (usually before 9:30am) with the day’s selections. There’s no fiddly staking plan to worry about and you’re told how many points to bet on each selection.

All that’s asked in return is that you periodically shoot me a quick email with your results and how you’re finding the service.

If you’re interested please drop me a quick email with the subject line: Beta Tester.

If you’re successful you’ll get an email from me on January 2nd. Please don’t worry if you don’t make it through this time they’ll be more opportunities in the future.

Good luck!

Important: Please email me direct at the usual address if you’d like to be considered (rather than leaving a comment).


2 responses to “Beta testers wanted for secret mission…”

  1. If you have your full quota of testers for this one you may now want to remove the link asking for testers. I’m new to the site, clicked on the link and see applications were required by January 2nd!

    Cheers, Ian

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