Beware another pyramid in disguise

Article by Charlie Wright

Previously I’ve warned you about ‘cash gifting schemes’ and how they are thinly disguised pyramid schemes.
One is called the “Abundant Living System” by Paul Raven and Julie Wilson. Another is called The Overnight Cash System.

Today I’ll add another to my list of things to avoid: Just Been Paid.
“Wow, it uses magic! That’s definitely going to make me rich then. Please tell me more!”
The website says you can “forget about working”, you’re now going to “be your own boss and get paid FOREVER”.
(My question is, how can you be your own boss and ALSO not work? In that scenario an unemployed person could put on their job application: “I’m currently my own boss”.)
So what business will you be running… while also not working and being your own boss at the same time….?
Well, in my view it’s no business at all.
You simply pay money to the scheme, then get some referrals who will also pay money into the scheme. They need to get hold of referrals who will pay into the scheme, and so on and so forth to infinity – or so they claim. Obviously, there’s a limit to this. And that’s the problem.
Beware the small print
While it all looks very straightforward, beware. There’s some sneaky small print that says:
To join, you must agree to the following commitment:

-I agree to upgrade my membership when 10 people have been added under me in the Feeder who are committed to upgrading in Just BeenPaid.
Hmmm. I assume by “upgrade your membership” it means you are expected (um, forced) to pay some more money.
Then there’s the unique selling point of Just Been Paid…
They say you can BUY your referrals instead of seeking out new members and recruiting them yourself.
Yes, hand over a bit more cash and they’ll give you the name of someone who has bought into the scheme already.
It means you’re dishing out cash to get people to send in cash, and they’re dishing out cash to get other people to send in their cash. And someone is pocketing all the residual fees from this Great Money Swap.
As far as I can see, the same drawbacks exist in this method of cash gifting as in the regular method.
It HAS to grow and grow for all the people to be paid, but each time it gets more difficult to flow the cash up through the pyramid. And it simply CANNOT go on for infinity, no matter what the blurb says.
And if it doesn’t keep growing, it dies.
My advice with these types of opportunity is to avoid them…. no matter how hyped they are when you Google them, or how many enthusiastic people rave about it on forums.
Even when they’re not dodgy – and Just Been Paid may be totally legit – there’s nobody I’ve met or known who has made decent money from such a scheme.
Why magic ‘push button’ schemes don’t work
Call me old fashioned, but I don’t believe there is a core business here…
You’re not selling anything. You’re not creating anything. You’re not providing a service. You’re not helping anyone. You’re a cog in a money making machine. And the only people getting rich are the machine operators.

What’s more dubious is that they’re promising that it’s ‘no work’. The website says:
Some programs claim: “Do the work once, and get paid forever”; Just Been Paid says: “Do no work… and get paid forever.”
Sorry, but I’m going to I’ll do my nagging, finger waving bit here…
The truth about pushing buttons for instant mega profits
There is no magic business where you earn a regular income for doing nothing…
You can’t send someone a fiver and expect a fountain of ready cash to spurt from your computer screen like a geyser. There’s NO volcano of profit bubbling inside your mouse. You can’t push a button and expect your trousers to fill up magically with gold.
This “push button” method of money doesn’t exist….
Well, not unless YOU are the one behind such a ponzi scheme. And in that case you’ve worked hard to come up with an idea, you’ve built a website and done more hard work to promote your scheme…. THEN after all that you push a button and watch the money roll in.
The closest you get to ‘push button’ profits is home trading. But you still have to learn and follow a system. And as experienced traders will tell you, it takes patience, persistence and self-education to turn it into proper regular income.
Otherwise, here’s the deal for ALL workable biz opps, as far as I can see it:
To make money you need to buy something for a low price and sell it for a higher price. You need to create something yourself and sell it. Or you need to offer a service that people want, and get paid for it, either directly, in advertising revenues, or in commissions.
All these enterprises work, and yes you can do them in your spare time, but they take effort. Sad but true.
For instance, I’ve just launched my own Omega Programme business recently and it’s the hardest, but possibly the most rewarding, work I’ve ever done. But this is the real world. And I’ve created a real business offering people a genuine idea, a system they can follow, and my one-to-one advice.
Finally today, if you want to know more about dodgy schemes, pyramids, and biz opps that really work, make sure you check out the review section on the website here

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