Busted! Scoundrels who won’t clean up their act

Article by Charlie Wright

You know how these sales letters for business opportunities go on about how great working from home is?

They go something like….

“Imagine… you wake while everyone is going to work… you relax with a cup of coffee and, without even getting dressed, you switch on your computer… it doesn’t matter. The day is yours….”


Well, this is not ALWAYS true

Here’s a quick summary of my Thursday morning this week, working from home.

* With loads of emails to answer and stuff to do, I got up at 8am and tried to start work at 9am, once my wife had left for work.

* But my cordless mouse wouldn’t work for some reason.

* Thought it must be the batteries, so I went out to buy them from the shop.

* As I closed the door behind me, a CD unit with 800 CDs in it collapsed, causing an avalanche of wood and splintered plastic in the hall.

* Couldn’t get back through the door because of the CDs piled up against it.

* Battled through and spent 30 minutes picking up CDs, putting them back in their cases, and piling them up downstairs.

* Went out to buy batteries for the mouse and came back. Tried again.

* It wasn’t the batteries.

* Searched endlessly for an old mouse, somewhere among the boxes and junk in the spare room

* Found one. Turned my PC off and on again.

* Made a coffee.

* My dog urinated all over the floor.

* Got out the mop.

* When I finally started work it was 11am.

Such is the bliss of my new domestic routine!

Anyway, when I finally sorted out my emails, I noticed a glut of enquiries about AD Associates.

Why won’t these guys clean up their act?

If you’ve visited my website, you’ll know I’ve had a lot of complaints about these guys. I don’t know if they read my newsletter, but you’d think they’d have cleaner dup their act by now.

One of my readers emails me to say”I have just received the latest from A.D., the incredible Professional Racing System with a virtual lifetime guarantee!

It sounds very impressive, £70 with no fewer than ten bonus items but although I am very tempted to go for it I am aware of the experiences of some of your correspondents, not just the failure of A.D.to honour their guarantees but the claim that the systems were rubbish also.

The system itself does sound very attractive, only 10 minutes a day, in the morning before racing begins, nothing complicated, good- priced winners, etc.  I am not even that bothered about the guarantee – if it works, the system would very soon pay for itself anyway.”

Well, yes, perhaps on paper. But as my reader points out, I haven’t heard a good piece of feedback on AD Associates.

In fact…

They’re the most moaned-about biz opp in the jungle

For example, here’s a reader who tried to call them:

“I rang the number on the order form and spoke to a very nice young lady, telling her that I was tempted but had read on the net that some of the systems were not as good as claimed and that refunds had not been received.

She wrote it all down, put me on hold while she looked for someone to take over but then came back, took my name, address and phone number and said someone would be in touch.  Since then, nothing, which I suppose speaks for itself.”

Another reader says:

“I also bought one of their products with the lifetime guarantee, this one for Greyhound racing.  Again the system looked good but in the end the stats didn’t stack up, and long term losses were the result.

I contacted them several times to get my refund, after returning the material  recorded delivery, and all I got was a load of lies about how the bank only do the refunds on certain days, or we are looking at it and will get back to you.”

The only thing they got back to me with was more junk mail.”

Now, I have to say this, ALL products and services make mistakes. There are always complaints, and complainers.

I don’t like to jump on the odd comment and trash a company because of it. But in this case, the sheer weight of evidence leads me to make this kind of warning.

MORE evidence

Take this email, for instance…

“I would just like to warn your readers about ad associates/pro-select who offer the premiership bet system.

I purchased the system before last season in the comfort that they provide a guarantee. They state that as part of the system you need to check the sun newspaper every Tuesday and use the Glen Bevis ratings hich incidentally are hardly ever printed in The Sun.

After trying it out I found it disappointing so decided to ask for a refund.”

 After not hearing from them for a month after returning the product I called them, they told me a refund would take 90 days.

After the 90 days elapsed I rang AD Associates who handle the system for pro-select and take the payments. I rang a number of times and each time was told my message would be passed on to Pro-Select but I still have not heard back. I tried emailing them but no response.”

And here’s another one:

“Sent it back after 90 days as the “guarantee” said, but despite emails over months… no refund… lost out there!”

And there’s more!

 “I’ve also had problems with AD Associates I bought heir gambling systems which turned out to be a load of rubbish. I returned them as they quite clearly stated that there was an unconditional guarantee. Not only did I not get a refund, they retained the goods as well.”

So in summary, please steer clear of these guys.

It can only bring disappointment and misery.

If you want to try a betting system today, go for one that I’ve fully checked out.

For instance, this one has had excellent results AND offers a solid, 100% refund guarantee. Well worth a look.

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