Can this roulette system be infallible?

Article by Charlie Wright

Here’s a little roulette system I learned from a friend…

I’m one of the worst casino gamblers known to man, so he kept it dead simple for me.

‘First off,’ he said, ‘you have to set a budget at the beginning of the night. If you lose the money in your budget, STOP playing immediately.’

‘Okay, sounds fair enough,’ I said, pulling out a bag of 2ps.

‘With this in mind,’ he said, as if talking to a child, ‘you start off your evening with a base of 5 units.

‘Ooh, look at the wheel spin,’ I cried.

‘If you win, decrease your next stake by one unit.
If you lose, INCREASE your next stake by one unit.’

Given a reasonable run of wins and losses, this system is said to make fools like me a steady profit… over time. Even if you have a losing run, this staking plan is supposed to reduce your losses.

But please note the words ‘should’, ‘over time’ and ‘losses’.

There’s no certainty with this type of betting

While it’s good to stick to a system when playing roulette, it doesn’t mean that there’s ONE almighty system. Or that any system you stick to will work.

The idea is you give yourself rules so you keep disciplined.

And even a system that works for you at one time can suddenly go pear shaped the next. For example, I know that many people bet by sticking to one colour all night.

(I also know that it’s called the ‘Martingale’
system… because I just looked it up on Google.)

But in a Monte Carlo casino in 1913, black came up 28 consecutive times.

Blimey. That’s the sort of statistical event that can really screw you over.

Which is why anyone who claims that they have an ‘infallible’ roulette system should be treated with a great dollop of scepticism.

Like Jager Gambling Systems…

Take Mr John Ager, of ‘Jager Gambling Systems’, for example.

Apparently, if you give him a tenner, you can phone him up to get his infallible systems for both horse racing and roulette.

Do it if you like. He may even have a GOOD system. But ignore his claims of ‘infallibility’. They smell of dung.

I’ve been on a lot of forums searching for the deal on this guy. Lots of gambling forums have pulled his systems apart.

But fair enough to Mr Ager, as he defends himself robustly in nearly every case. There’s barely an online attack without him popping up, daring his critic to ring him up and try his system.

He stresses that the ONLY way to learn his system is to get personal tuition.

‘My systems must be played strictly according to my code sequence which is individually analysed personally by me,’ says Ager.

‘Providing the client plays according to my instructions they are foolproof and also failsafe.’

He even says you have to go to his house to get the proper coaching.

Hmmm… forgive me if this sounds strange to me.
The only way to use his system is to get personal analysis from the man himself?

Can’t he pass it on any other way? After all, it will be a matter of numbers? And can he really claim it is ‘failsafe’?

Sounds like the kind of infallible personal coaching service that would cost many hundreds of pounds, if it worked.

But it’s just £175 for his ‘infallible’ system and personal tuition.

Anyway, I’m dubious.

If you have any good news stories about his Ager’s system, let me know.

This ‘forum watching’ is pretty addictive

I’m getting quite addicted to going on forums and watching the battles rage.

You get a bunch of people denouncing a system, then another bunch of people who are IN the system fighting back.

It can go on for about 10 pages.

‘SCAM! LIAR! ROGUE!’ shout the denouncers.

‘BUY MY PRODUCT AND SEE’ cry the accused.

And so on.

Sometimes though, I wonder who all these people are who rage about dodgy betting systems? All these guys who think they’re so morally and ethically superior.

If they hate all this biz opp and betting stuff so much… why spend all their time on forums, venting their spleen?

It’s obviously not their thing. So why don’t they just get on with their lives?

My view? They are ALSO addicted to talking on forums. They secretly LOVE all the scandal and intrigue.

And secretly, underneath their cynicism, they dream of hitting ‘The Big One’, too.

Who doesn’t?

Have you been contacted by Diallog?

A few readers have received emails about

This is an outfit who claim to offer you 4 premium rate lines for £30. They promise that you need no more payments after that. Once you pay your cash, they send you the numbers so you can start advertising them.

Now, Premium rate lines do work. I know this. You only have to look in a newspaper to see that.

However, some reservations about Diallog…

I don’t know the company. I can’t find anything about this company online. There’s a wireless operator of the same name in Pakistan, but that’s it.

Also there’s no money back guarantee. So your £30 is gone if this is a scam.

If you’re up for this kind of biz opp, you need to think, ‘Can I really make money this easily?’

Think about the deal here. YOU pay THEM to give you 4 phone lines, which are probably not dedicated to you alone. They will already have these lines set up. So it’s not as if you get a 100% unique new premium service of your own.

You won’t get anything unique, or revolutionary, or that will stand out above any of the zillion other phone lines out there.

Okay. Now YOU have to advertise these lines yourself. Organise the classifieds. Pay for the ad space. All that malarkey.

So basically, this is a way of Diallog multi-level marketing their own phone lines. Essentially, you are paying them to advertise THEIR premium rate lines for them.

Yes, you will take a cut. But unless you’ve got a lot money to invest in advertising, and some inside knowledge of the classified and internet advertising market, I imagine that your cut will be quite low.

Also, this is a heavily saturated market. See any newspaper, supplement or magazine and there’s thousands of ads vying for premium rate line customers.

So if you do take up Diallog on their offer, go into it with this in mind. Also, let me know how you get on.

In fact, if you’ve made a success of ANY biz opp you’ve tried, drop me a line. I can’t possibly even a fraction of all these things myself.

It’s you who I rely on to feed me information about how these things work in the real world.

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