How to escape the 9-5 plus new feedback on domain names

By Charlie Wright

I’m back from my break.

Am I tanned? Relaxed? Replete with straw donkey and comedy sunglasses?

No siree, not on your nelly, matey!

I didn’t even leave East London. The wife and I decorated the flat. The dog got diarrhoea. I got a variety of flip-flops covered in poo. I had a barbeque for friends and it rained. I caught a summer cold.

Even sadder, I spent a lot of time catching up on the Biz Opp Jungle forum… going through business opportunity reports I hadn’t yet read. … products and I haven’t covered…. and all the latest feedback emails from my readers and biz opp contacts.

“Wow, Charlie, you must be a HOOT to have around the home.”

Yup. I’ll admit. I’m a biz opp junkie.

But hey, in my two weeks off I gathered loads of useful feedback, so DON’T COMPLAIN. Instead, check this out…

How to escape the 9-5 – a reader’s tip

I know sometimes you get moments of despair and think, “Is anyone really making money from all this biz opp stuff?”

So here’s a great tip from a fellow reader.

It’s something that I hope will inspire you… show you that people really ARE making money from home.

This is from Accountant26 again. He emailed me to explain how he was using multiple income streams to be able to work from home:

“I downsized my accountancy practise four years ago and now work from home so for the first time in my life I have had time to look at other business opportunities.

It took a long time to realise that I was highly unlikely to find ‘the one’ so over the last twelve months I have built up income streams from sports betting and trading and it does work.

You have to find that niche you enjoy and that suits your mindset and you have to be really efficient with your time and record keeping to make it all work.”

Absolutely. The key to making this biz opp lark a success is to find a couple of regular, small income streams.

Trading, sports investing, these are possible strands, and you’ll find all the best ones up on my website.

For me, I like email newsletters, affiliate sales, copywriting, article marketing, bookselling. These are also up on the site.

You could also try Amazon, eBay, import-export, family trees, dropshipping….

My advice is to have a browse through this website and read the reviews. They’re all up there. All the good ‘uns as well as the rubbish you have to avoid.

If I like something and know for sure that you’ll get a refund if YOU DON’T, then I happily recommend it.

If not, then please avoid!

It’s a simple system that should keep you out of trouble, and not out of pocket.

Remember, they’re our personal opinions and we’re not always 100% right. But I hope that I can help you get through the jungle and out the other end with cash in your pocket and smile on your face!

An update on Profit Portal

I’ve had a few emails praising the Profit Portal concepts and system, which is fine and dandy.

However, I’m a bit disappointed to hear that the aftersales service from Bob Ryan hasn’t been quite up to scratch.

One of my readers says:

“While it is a brilliant concept and performs in a polished manner to start with, it is hopeless if you cannot access your account and the “support team” do not appear to be helping.”

I’m going to look into this and see why the support is lacking.

Remember, that with Agora you can ask for a refund. You’ll always get this with no questions asked.

For the record, I’m still of the opinion that domain names still have a few months to run as a hot opportunity – and that there’s money in it.

I don’t know how long the gold rush will last, and as I’ve always said, there’s an element of ‘hit and hope’ to this. With the right site name, you can make regular money from doing nothing but “parking” it and taking commission.

It’s up to you. Take the model, play with it, and see what you can do while this particular gold rush while it lasts.

Read more reviews here

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