Feedback on Utility Warehouse revealed

Article by Charlie Wright

Today I’m going to be more like a chairman at a meeting.
Rather than ramble, bleat, rant, rave, opine and accuse…. as per ruddy usual…. I’m going to sit back, bang my gavel, and let you guys do the talking.
Because after my mini review on Sunday, I got a deluge of emails about Utility Warehouse. And I want to pass this feedback onto you in a fair way.
Ah… another multi-level-marketing opportunity… but could this one make good money?
Often I’m a bit sniffy about MLMs. Especially when the product at the core of the marketing is non-existent, over-hyped, or worthless, or all three.
In those cases you have a situation where you’re extending your down-line purely by promising other people that they’ll make a fortune by doing the same.
Usually they don’t. And unless you’re one of the first into the MLM, neither do you.
This turns them into “pyramids” by any other name.
However, multi-level-marketing is a valid way to expand a business empire. Especially when it promotes a desirable product with lasting mass appeal.
Which brings me to Utility Warehouse….
A good product with REAL benefits
Here’s an example of an MLM that has a product so genuinely popular that people use it even if they’re not MLM distributors. Which is very rare indeed.

One reader says:
“I have no experience of the business but as a customer for quite a few years I find them excellent and very good value. The monthly invoice is clear, and easily understood.”
Another agrees:
“Their products are first class and in most cases cost less than their competitors allowing most customers to save money. But where they also score, is with customer services, which is second to none.”
This reader liked it so much as a customer, he became a distributor.
“Their support service for all distributors is first class, no-one is ever left with a question unanswered. In addition, they hold comprehensive training courses up and down the country, which all can benefit from and their marketing materials are excellent…. I don’t earn all my income from this source but it is growing all the time.”
How does Utility Warehouse work?
The idea is that you sign up and start by recommending the services (gas, electric, phone, broadband,a mobile phone etc) to your friends and family.
One reader told me:
“At that time they were the cheapest company in the UK for domestic gas and electricity. Their phone services were cheaper than most other companies. So it wasn’t too difficult to get your friends interested. Your immediate commission related to the number of services taken and thereafter you got a percentage of their ‘spend’ each month.”
In my view, the promise of the product is really strong: with Utility Warehouse you can save money on your bills.
This is definitely timely and relevant in 2009. And it makes it a product that’s unlikely to run out of steam.
But because this is a genuine opp, it’s not “instant riches at the touch of a button.” You have to be realistic.
One distributor emphasises:

“It’s not a “get rich quick scheme”, but if you are prepared to invest some time, energy and some money (£199.75), you can chip steadily away at it or blast away at it. You make a very small percentage commission from your customer’s monthly usage…. and providing they stay a customer, you will have a monthly residual income.”
This income is above and beyond any commissions you make from the distributors you sign up.
One reader told me:
“My business partner and I have saved ourselves a lot of money by changing over to all the UW services except their mobile offering which I’m still looking at. Whenever I’ve introduced a new member I’ve received my M & S voucher which was nice and as you say introduce a lot of people and you can either earn a few bob or save with ‘money off’ your monthly payments – that’s the bit I like!”
I like that this opp has a few potential income streams. It’s not just about referrals.
And even if it’s only a bit of extra cash each week, this sounds worth doing. However, if you want to try and get into this business to make more than just pocket money…
….You DO have to invest time and effort
When you want to start introducing lots of other people and businesses beyond your family and friends, it gets tougher. You need to start marketing, advertising and promoting the service.
However, Utility Warehouse offer free training on a regional basis and you can go as many times as you want to.
As one reader says:
“All you have to do is put the diesel in the car to get there!  You can sign up residential customers online – work in your PJs if you want!  Business customers require a visit and a bit of paperwork – well worth it though!”

Okay all this is well and good. But did I hear any negatives?
Well, there were a few cautious voices. One reader told me:

“I have been an “executive” member of TelecomPlus/Utility Warehouse in the past,  and the reality of this opportunity, like so many of its type, depends on constant recruitment of downliners as fellow “executives” who then need to recruit their own downline in order for you to make any serious money.
“There is no doubt that this operation can be successful providing you are prepared to spend a lot of time and quite substantial promotional money on a continual basis – and we all know the difficulty in recruiting a productive and lasting downline “

Another says:
“Regarding the Utility Warehouse, this is a genuine company and it is a genuine opportunity to make some extra cash. I did this for about 4 years but it never really worked for me. I did make a little money during the first year but certainly not enough to live on.
Having said that, I still use the Utility Warehouse for my gas, electric and telephone and broadband services and I think they are very competitive, their energy prices being the average of that charged by the Big 6. All my friends who signed up are still using the services and all are very happy.”
All in all, I think this opportunity has legs. And while I don’t ever use my readership to promote my own MLM downlines, you can count today’s virtual meeting as a recommendation.

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