Finally, I am going to be a millionaire

Article by Charlie Wright

You know how it is…. those nights lying in the dark, imagining what you’d do with your first million… handing out non-existent sums of money to your loved ones… buying that country house…


Well, I’ve been like this for years, always dreaming of the next scheme, unable to sleep, or stick to one thing for long enough.

But no more! No more idle dreams for Charlie Wright.

Because, at last… I am finally going to be a millionaire!

Yes, it’s come right out of the blue, I admit. But I thought you should be the first to know. And no, I’m not going to be one of those ‘nice’ millionaires who hides in modest dwellings and gives to charity.

I’m going to be a crazed, evil genius, MULTI-millionaire. I’m going to rent a volcano and build a secret base in it. I’m going to buy a music TV channel and put some PROPER music on it. I’m going to wear gold pants and sit on a throne made of cheese.

Because this is it. The one I’ve been waiting for. The big one.

Well, almost…

It’s more of an action-plan at the moment

Okay. It’s not quite moved from the development stage yet. It’s more of an action plan. A kind of mental blueprint…

(Sarah has just read this over my shoulder and rolled her eyes. This is NOT the way she’s going to hang on to her multi-millionaire boyfriend, so she’d better change her attitude, quick-sharp).

Yes. I have a goooooood feeling about this.

I’ve just come back from lunch with Nick Laight, who you know as the What Really Makes Money guru. We met up specifically so I could tempt him with my amazing proposal.

“Imagine, if you will,” I said, sweeping my arms out majestically, “A gorgeous vista, where money grows on trees, and….”

“Get on with it, Charlie,” said Nick.

“Okay,” I said, sipping at my water. “I want to do a deal…”

My little scheme is going to be called ‘Zero to One Million in 3 Years’. And here’s the plan. (You’ll like this, because you could make a bundle from it, too)

I am going to start a joint venture with Nick from scratch. By this I mean I will set some goals… find a saleable idea or product… then negotiate a publishing deal with him… work with him to find the right lists… commission advertising copy… and get the whole thing earning money online, within six months.

The target? To get to a million in 3 years. But I’ll settle in the short term for making a profit, after costs, within 6 months.

So what’s this got to do with you?

Here’s how you fit into my little scheme…

In my letters and on my website, I’d like to take you on the journey with me, so you can see me succeed, or crash and burn. Then I’ll package EVERYTHING that I’ve done – all the nuts and bolts, secrets and tips – and offer it in a special report. Or even a book, if that’s what it takes.

Seriously, if I manage to get this project making money online within the next 3-6 months, you could do worse than copy my system. In fact there won’t be anything you don’t know about setting up a home business venture that works.

Just don’t nick my product, eh?

Now, you might be thinking: “So what’s the product, then, Charlie. What’s the big idea?”

Well, right now, that would be telling. It would also be admitting that I haven’t actually got a product yet.

Ah, you’re laughing at me now, aren’t you?

Well, if you think my idea is a bit hair-brained, you should hear some of the ideas I’ve heard in my time.

The Guild of Wealth and hair-brained schemes

Back in 1999, I used to hang out at Guild of Wealth meetings, where I first came across Nick Laight, though we weren’t to talk properly until we met in a pub a few years ago.

The Guild, now sadly defunct, was a rare biz opp club in the days when everyone (including me) was trying to get rich from the tech stocks boom.

As well as lots of direct mail types, these little meet ups were dotted with crackpot inventors.

I remember one guy from Wales told me he’d invented a ‘new fuel’, which I thought was a bit hopeful. Especially as it seemed consist mainly of mud and alcohol. Another guy’s business plan was to build a life size replica of the Titanic and float it in a dock as a tourist site.

Another had built a type of garden hoe that pulls up tubes of earth without you bending over, or something… and another genius was pinning his future on a revival of a new cartoon based on the old 80s Thundercat series.

So yep. I’ve heard some crazy schemes in my time… and never heard of them again.

(Here’s where I get a flood of emails telling me about the Titanic anchored off Hull, powered by mud and alcohol.)

But on the other hand, one of the rules in the biz opp jungle seems to be that the crazy ideas are often the best.

For instance, did you know how the bagless vacuum cleaner was born? Inventor, James Dyson thought people would be as fascinated by seeing the dust sucked up as HE was.

So there you have it. He revolutionised the vacuum cleaner because he liked to see dust whoosh about.

And did you know that Tupperware only began to sell well in 1951 when sales rep Brownie Wise came up with the idea of selling it through organised parties?

Hmmmm… We’ve got these air tight plastic containers…. So how should we sell them? Billboards? Television? Direct mail?

No, we’ll throw parties for ladies.

So there you have it. A seemingly ridiculous idea and one of the most legendary marketing concepts of the 20th Century.

I’m telling you this so you know that there’s no doubt about it…

You and I, we’re secret geniuses, and we’re going to make a MILLION. Guaranteed!*

 *The word ‘Guaranteed’ has here been used for effect only. Please do not use against me in 10 years time if you’re only HALF a millionaire.

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