Forget the $700 a day, what on earth is happening to those flowers?

One Minute Commissions Window Moment

This is a ‘first impressions’ look at One Minute Commissions by Mike Auton and Rebecca Roberts.

I’ll be having a more in-depth look at this shortly but I just wanted to take a look at the video quickly because there’s something that’s been really bugging me about this – and it has nothing to do with how much money you can or can’t make using this system – that’s why this is appearing in the blog filed under ‘random musings’.

UPDATE: You can see my review on this here.

One Minute Commissions is a new system from Mike Auton (who you may have come across before) and someone called Rebecca Roberts who appears to be an actress new to the scene. Mike’s launched a fair few products on ClickBank and knows how to create a frenzy.

This time he’s come out with a pretty swanky video which starts off with some video testimonials and then follows a softly spoken, flowy gowned lady (Rebecca Roberts) as she wanders around a plush kitchen talking about vast sums of cash.

In case you haven’t had time to watch the video, there are some somewhat astonishing testimonials for this one (and I say that firmly with tongue in cheek). First off there’s James, who says: “Almost immediately after using One Minute Commissions I started making $50 a day… in the last few weeks I started making over $700 a day”.

Then there’s Deborah who says that after 3 weeks she started making over $500 a day. Then there’s Sarah, a very worried looking Australian lady who tells us she’s thinking about quitting her job (I don’t think she should) and finally a chap in a flat cap who’s incredibly excited about One Minute Commissions but seems to have terrible trouble moving his lips.

OMG it’s the attack of the horizontal vase!

Sorry if this seems frivolous – it is frivolous – but this is a well produced, well scripted marketing video and yet there are two things that I just can’t get out of my head.

Rebecca Roberts seems to have a couple of mini breakdowns during her pitch.

We’re coasting along listening to the tens of thousands of dollars that we can expect to make from One Minute Commissions, as casually as if we were talking about the weather, when suddenly Rebecca will get up of the sofa, usually mid sentence, and potter off somewhere.

It’s really quite unnerving. You’re halfway through an anecdote about how much money you’re going to make when she’ll suddenly walk over to the corner of the room and stare madly out of the window, as if having an out of body experience. COME BACK REBECCA, COME BACK!

One Minute Commissions Window Moment
Here she is happy and chatting away just moments before ‘Windowgate’…

She does come back.

Rebecca’s returns to the sofa and gets back on to a familiar topic: automation, money making, that sort of thing.

It’s a great relief… but hang on, wait!

Ohhhh not again, she’s off. She’s heading to the sink this time and she’s adopted a vague sense of purpose. Tap goes on, a jug of water is filled. Not that unusual perhaps – maybe she had a dry throat?

No… not a dry throat.

She’s now filling a flat bowl on the table with water in the middle of her pitch. She then grabs the petrol station flowers that are on the table, talking soothingly all the while of course, and BAM! chucks them sideways into the flat bowl:

One Minute Commissions - Flower Abuse
I’ve barely caught it there, it’s blink and you’ll miss it.

I never thought that this would be the place where I’d discover the sideways vase.

You can see my review of the product (rather than my ramblings about the video) here.

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