Freak out your newsagent and be rich!

Article by Charlie Wright

I think I’ve freaked out my newsagent.

See, last week I spent FOUR hours over THREE consecutive days in his enormous shop. And all I bought was 3 newspapers and a Twix!

I have two theories about what the poor guy thought I was doing…

One is that he reckoned I was addicted to dirty magazines…
but was too scared to buy them.

“Ah,” he thought, “That’s why this shady bloke is hovering around my magazine section, pacing back and forth, flicking through pages, then putting them back. Really he just wants to reach up, grab Mayfair and run screaming from my shop.”

Of course, this isn’t true. What does he think I am? A teenager?

For Pete’s sake, I’m a guy who once started a premium rate line with his 60 year-old next door neighbour as the ‘young girl’ at the end of the…

Okay, I won’t go into that.

Another theory is that he thought I was some kind of shop inspector. I guess this was more believable, because as I paced and flicked through pages, I had a notepad in my hand, and kept scribbling things down.

It wasn’t true either. But this didn’t stop me going up to him before I left, and saying to him, darkly:

“I think your bottom end line is running out of U.S.Ps, but I’ll be back to inspect the R.O.I in the A.M – so keep sharp.”

He looked frightened. And I felt immediately guilty. But hey ho…

So what was I REALLY doing?

Well, my strange activities were vital to my plans to become an evil overlord millionaire… and I’m kind of going to encourage you to do it, too.

The first step to a million

Remember a few emails back, when I was telling you I was going to become rich from my own product?

The idea is that I’m going to create a product from scratch to sell online within 6 months, and on a shoestring budget. (I’m aiming for under £200, all in).

I’m then going to set up some deals and start flogging my product for – hopefully – BIG FAT profits.

Now, this isn’t me blowing my trumpet (if it was, it would sound like a mouse with wind!) See, if this all goes belly up and I don’t end up with a product, I’ll look like a right old muppet, so I’m putting my neck out a bit.

But the idea is that as I go along, I’m going to tell you how I’m doing, so you can copy the good bits. Or so you can laugh and laugh and laugh at me.

Either way, are you with me?

Great. Then let me explain what I was doing in the newsagent…

Doing market research for nothing!

Before you start ANY biz opp, you need to do some market research. You need to know what sells, and where… and somehow work out WHY they sell so well.

But this doesn’t have to cost you a penny, or take much effort. All you need to do is test the patience of a few newsagents.

You see, everything you need is in their humble shop…
because everything in the UK that sells is inside the pages of their magazines and papers.

So here’s what I did…

I started with the most popular… the broadsheets and tabloid newspapers. Because they’re so cheap, you can actually buy these and take them home with you.

I picked up The Daily Mail, The Times and The Sun. I reckon they cover a broad enough section. The Guardian is a bit too trendy for me. Unless you’re selling pot seeds or books about why men should cry more.

Anyway… next I scoured the classified sections and advertising supplements and circled all the ads that appear in more than one paper.

I also circled anything that particularly caught my eye. (Try and a look out for trends… things that seem to be selling more than other things).

Now I went back to the newsagent and began flicking through the magazines. (You want to join up all the dots…
find things that appear in many, many magazines and

Then I went even deeper, delving into the world of specialist magazines. You know… Croquet Lover’s Monthly, Angler Weekly, Car Maniac News, Music Bore Daily…

(I made those up, but you get the picture).

Here’s where you can find niche products that sell to very particular groups of people with money to spend. I mean they’re already buying magazines on darts, or horses or Victorian hats, so they’ll definitely be up for more!

Many biz opp novices reckon that to start a business you have to stumble upon some unique idea nobody’s ever thought of before.

Utter nonsense…

The old ones are the best

Truth is, there ain’t nothing new under the sun. Unless you find some unique invention, you’re probably going to tread on old ground.

So forget changing the world.

Instead, the key to your success is to find something that sells well… That YOU know about well… or that YOU could easily find out about…

Then WHAM!

Put your own unique spin on it, and sell YOURSELF, not the product. And you’re on your way. Or so the theory goes…

Having done my research, the idea is that I have all I need to hit upon something that I think people will really want to buy.


And yes, I can now unveil my masterpiece… my brainwave… the most amazingly SALEABLE idea ever known to man… literally, the best thing since sliced bread…a passport to millions…

Yes, without further ado, I can reveal…

Are you ready?

Here we go…

Wait for it…

…Aha, I’m only joking. I have no idea yet.


Just keep reading and I’ll keep looking!

By the way, if you haven’t had a peek already, I’ve got plenty of reviews up on my website.

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