How to get 3 months FREE web hosting with WP Engine

3 months free web hosting

3 months free web hostingGreat news if you have a WordPress website or are thinking of setting one up.

If you’re after bulletproof security, lightening fast load times and brilliant customer service, these guys cannot be beaten.

They are by FAR the best web hosts I’ve ever used (I’ve been through a lot) and right now they’re offering 3 months free, but only if you sign up before Friday, October 31st.

Get 3 months free hosting

(Make sure you choose ‘annual’ hosting on any plan and use the code: OctoberPress14 when prompted)

I’ve used them to host Insider’s Edge for well over a year now. You can see my in-depth 6-month review here.

They’re not the cheapest hosts out there, but they’re the best. In fact I’m so impressed with WP Engine that I’ve moved all my client’s websites across too.

7 reasons why these guys are head and shoulders above the competition

1. Lightening Fast Load Times – This is absolutely crucial. If your website loads slowly you’ll lose readers/followers/customers – it’s as simple as that. There’s increasing evidence to suggest that Google favours faster loading websites in their rankings as well.

2. Reliability – Virtually every host I’ve come across claims to deliver 99% uptime (meaning your website is supposedly online 99% of the time) but until now I’d never actually found anyone that did. WP Engine delivers on this promise.

3. Bulletproof Security – They contact you if they detect anything fishy on your site which they think could compromise security. They also automatically perform system critical updates in the background.

4. Peace of Mind – Your entire website is automatically backed up every night. You can also log on and perform additional backups whenever you want with a click – handy if you’re tinkering around with your site and want to undo something later.

5. Staging Site – No other webhost offers this. When you host with WP Engine you get a ‘staging site’. This is basically a carbon copy of your site that only you (or your developer) can view and lets you test new plugins, designs or changes to your site without affecting the live version. If you’re happy with the changes you can click a button and it’ll transfer the changes across.

6. Top Rate Customer Service – Their customer support is excellent. They’re contactable by phone, email and livechat and are quick to respond to each channel. The only downside is that they’re US based but even so, I’ve never had to wait long as they seem to work long hours.

7. 60 Second Site Set Up – When it comes to installing your WordPress site you can literally do it in a single click, which is great if you’re not a technical person. When you’re ready to ‘go live’ all you have to do is ‘point’ to your domain (i.e. your web address) which you can do in seconds.

Get 3 months free hosting here

Make sure you select the annual option and enter the code: OctoberPress14 when prompted.

I’m excited about this offer. It’s the best I’ve ever seen them give away.

What’s the catch?

1. You have to sign up for an annual plan to get your free 3 months with WP Engine. However you can try it risk-free for 30 days. So if for any reason you don’t think it’s as earth shatteringly brilliant as I do, you’ll get a full refund.

2. They only host WordPress. If you’re using or planning to use some other platform they’re not for you.

3. If you’re running a hobby site and performance isn’t key, there are cheaper alternatives. If that sounds like you I recommend these guys. They’re a very decent host based in the UK and you can get 25% discount on their annual plans with the code: 25OFF.

Yes, WP Engine are a bit more expensive than a lot of other hosts. The reason for that is because they literally take away all the stress and hassle and give you something that works, all the time.

You won’t be worrying about boring things like uptime, backups, server crashes or load times.

This gets my strongest possible endorsement.

Here’s that link again

Make sure you select the annual option and enter the code: OctoberPress14 when prompted.

Remember this offer ends on Friday, October 31st. You get 30 days to try them out risk-free. To grab your 3 months free web hosting select the ‘annual’ option and enter the code: OctoberPress14

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