Have you heard of the Red Ribbon rule?

Article by Charlie Wright

There’s an old book I’ve had on my shelf since I started the biz opp game.

Written by Dr William G. Hill, it’s called ‘Think Like a Tycoon: How to Make a Million in 3 Years or Less’.

Okay, I’ll admit. I haven’t exactly done that, or I wouldn’t be writing to you now. I’d be on a yacht in Rio, looking like Simon Le Bon in that Duran Duran video.

But it’s still worth a read, because it’s packed with pearls of biz opp wisdom. One of which is so important, I have it stuck to my office wall.

Dr Hill calls it, THE RED RIBBON RULE:

“If a deal sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true.”

I found myself glancing at it the other day when I got an email asking me about company called JPG…

Does JPG pass the Red Ribbon Rule?

The emailer wanted to know if I’d ever come across a company called JPG, (John Piper).

Apparently, they’re looking for agents to sell robot blackjack and poker software that “guarantees you never lose”.

My instant gut feeling is that this is too good to be true… like an everlasting wheel of cheese… a sexy electric car… or non- fattening lager.

I’ve looked into blackjack and poker software before, and most of it is designed for practice and improvement, not for turning you into a flawless gambling robot.

It IS possible to card count in Blackjack, which massively improves your odds…. but GUARANTEE?

Something here smells deeply of fish.

Anyway, even if this part was true…

If you Google search for JPG, you come up with absolutely zilch. This unsettles me a bit. In this day and age, any reputable company with such an amazing product would have some kind of internet presence.

What do you reckon?

I haven’t actually come across these guys, so I can’t say for sure. But if you know anything about the mysterious JPG, then get it up on the forum with your opinion.

By the way, the forum is the best place to get ideas and questions to me. As this project is a bit of a part time deal for me – and free – I can’t promise to give you the kind of one-to-one attention you’d get with people who charge you for their service.

To get on the forum click on the ‘forum’ link above. To sign up, go
to the top right corner of the page, just to the right of my shiny yellow banner, and click on ‘register’.

Once you’re a member, you can enter your posting. I’ll try and pick up on the things that bother or please you most, and get them into future e-letters.

Now, talking of scams…

Is the Rich Jerk for real?

When I first came across the Rich Jerk’s promotions, I had mixed feelings.

I’ve done a fair bit of copywriting in my time, and I can recognise good stuff when I see it. And this is punchy, ballsy, ‘up yours’, ear-prickingly good copy.

The b*stard.

You see, I get a bit jealous when I see this kind of copy, and wish that I’d had the idea in the first place. So I desperate wanted to believe it’s a scam.

“Lets get something straight,” he says on his website. “I am a jerk. I am obnoxious. I am lazy. And I don’t care, because I am FILTHY RICH. I am much too important to even be sitting here writing this right now. So I’ll keep it short.”

You know what he sounds like to me?

Remember Harry Enfield’s Loadsamoney character in the last ‘80s?

Loadsamoney was an Essex plasterer who got rich quick. The whole act was about him waving his wads of cash at the audience and shouting, “I GOT LOADSAMONEY!”

Well, the Rich Jerk is an updated American version of that.

He claims he’s made LOADSAMONEY solely from the internet. And from the quality of his hardcore sales pitch, you can see why.

The e-book he is selling is a no-frills, balls-on-the-line guide to making money from affiliate websites, adwords, adsense, search engine optimisations, eBay and information products.

He promises stuff like:

*** 10 ways to instantly create an affiliate website that sells like crazy.

*** How to make money generating easy leads for dozens of online companies.

*** Why your sales letters suck and mine convert like crazy.

*** How I kill ANY competition on Google adwords, and pay less than them.

*** How my Adsense Ads have a 20% clickthrough rate

** How I earn an average of $1.00 or more from every person that comes to my FREE website.

Unfortunately, he DOES deliver on all of this.

His ebook is only 67 pages, but there’s no padding. And if you like his style, you’ll enjoy reading it. It’s as if a cocky businessman was sitting you down over a brandy and giving you all his best advice.

Just don’t expect to become an instant internet maestro. The Rich Jerk doesn’t go into any of the technical details, like how to build a website, for example.

If you want the nuts and bolts, go somewhere else.

But if you want motivation, great ideas and tips, then the Rich Jerk is worth listening to – and it’s only $49. For what it’s worth, It’s helped me out, anyway.

You can read his stuff and get yourself a copy here

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