Here’s a cracking 87% off deal for mac users…

mac bundle

mac bundleI have to put my hands up and say I’m a bit of a mac geek.

*shields face from a deluge of rotten tomatoes*

I came across an apps bundle on one of the mac blogs I geekily frequent. I bought a copy yesterday because in my eyes it contains a few ‘must have apps’.

You get 11 in all, although my guess is that you’ll probably use half of them. Even so it’s outstanding value with the whole package discounted at 87% off.

A few of the programmes included are extremely useful and are normally prohibitively expensive including:

1. VMWare Fusion 4 – This lets you run Windows applications within OSX (very handy) particularly if you want to run Windows based betting software in Mac… or if you regularly have to open Windows files or programmes.

2. Drive Genius – This enables you to defrag your hard drive which, in English, can help make your computer run faster – as well as fix various hard drive errors which come with wear and tear. It’s irritating that Apple don’t let you do this yourself with their software but this does the job well.

3. PDFpen5 – Allows you to edit pdf documents on the fly without having to spend goodness knows how much on one of Adobe’s editors. This is invaluable and I’ve already profited from this. One of my clients sent me their press release as a pdf and I’ve been able to make edits directly onto it without copying and pasting to word.

Each one of these programmes on their own is usually more expensive than the total bundle price which is why this is such a bargain. The offer’s not running for long though…

You can see it here:

87% off Mac Bundle

Cracking value and they chuck in Worms 3D which can only be a good thing.

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