Here’s how to start a £80K business with £2

Article by Charlie Wright

This is a little motivational game I’ve devised. The idea is for you and I to get these ludicrous BIG MONEY promises out of our heads.

The promise that you can earn £1,000,000 in your first year of setting up a home business from scratch has never been fulfilled by anyone I know.

It’s a fantastic dream and nothing more.

Or the promise that you can immediately earn a regular income at a press of a button, without doing a thing…. this is a dream too.

These alluring and impossible promises distract us from the achievable goals we should be setting…

Because listen up. You CAN earn a second income from home. In your spare time. That’s without any experience or special skills.

And this income can grow, year after year, building into something that can free you from the 9-5 rat race… or offer you a very comfortable retirement indeed.

But you have to start with something small and achievable…. or you’ll end up in a cycle of frustration and disappointment – like the guys who wanted to build Rome!

How making just £2 TODAY can turn into an £80k part time business

If you can earn just £2 a day consistently, buying and selling something, trading the market, or offering a service….then anything is possible.

If you can make £2 of profit today… using a specific system… then you can repeat this again and again, using that system.

Once you master this, you can easily build your confidence and knowledge, until you grow that income into a guaranteed £200-per-week earner by the end of the year…

Doesn’t sound a lot? Well, imagine £800 extra in your pocket at the end of every month.

And just think….with another few income streams like this, you could easily make a part time income of £20,000 – £40,000 by the following year.

And if you can do that, you could easily have your own 80K a year business by 2010.
The secret is this:

Little income streams are the beginning of huge money rivers.

Here’s how the game works…

The £80K a year game

First, I want you to clear your head of ALL your prejudices, fears, negative past experiences and doubts.

Imagine you’ve got a completely clean slate. Get rid of all that “BUT” stuff like:

“(But) I haven’t got the time!”
“(But) I tried that and it didn’t work.”
“(But) I don’t know anything about computers.”
“(But) My friends will laugh at me.”
“(But) I’m worried that I’ll fail.”
“(But) It looks difficult.”

Gone? Great.

Now I want you to imagine that you’ve got access to the Internet, and either an Ebay or account, or a simple website with which you can sell a product or service.

If you haven’t got these, don’t worry. Just imagine you are able to buy and sell on the internet.

Now imagine that someone showed you a way to buy an item cheap and sell it at a higher price.

For instance, there’s a type of postcard that’s sells like hotcakes on eBay. You just have to know a few guidelines and you’ll pretty much guarantee you buy low and sell high.

So imagine you went ahead and did it. You buy something low and sell high. Perhaps you make £2.

Not a lot of money. Small potatoes. Hardly the million pound ‘Big One’ you dream about.

But here’s the thing…

Your £2 is the first step towards £200

Now that you’ve seen how to buy an item low and sell it high, imagine that you do this over and over again.

Because if you can do it once, you can do it twice, right? It’s not rocket science.

Okay, it may take a few knock-backs and tweaks.

But imagine you eventually find a decent source of (sticking to the example) cheap postcards and plenty of postcard fans who’ll pay more for them.

Surely you can see that with a bit of time you’ll be easily making 200 a week?

Don’t come up with any objection right now (no BUTS!)… Just imagine it… £200 a week for spending maybe a few hours a week at your PC…

Good. But still, it’s hardly a business is it? It’s a little earner.
Where could you go from here?

Now imagine you’ve now got customers REGULARLY buying off you on Amazon or Ebay, and you’ve got a little niche that works.

What you do next is look around for a SECOND business opportunity that will help you make MORE money out of what you’re already good at.

So imagine someone shows you how to build a simple website without any technical skills, and how to market that website so people start visiting in their droves.

You could create your own online shop. Now you’ve got people coming to your website to buy, and people flooding from your eBay shop.

Now you could offer a free email newsletter to your customers and any new folk who visit your site. You give them updates, latest offers, special deals and recommendations.

You could then grow this list of email names and not just sell tonnes of your own products, but other people’s too!

You could recommend all kinds of related websites, newsletters, courses and books.

See? Now you’ve got a website… a load of products to sell, and a growing database of customers.

Even your list of names alone is worth money.

And this is STILL a part time deal…Don’t stop now….keep imagining

Okay. Let’s take this vision in your mind to the next level.

You’ve got a part time business with a website, a database and a newsletter. This is something that’s been PROVEN to work for you.

So why not turn this knowledge into money, too?

You could write down everything that you’ve done… all the insights, secrets, shortcut and tips that have got you to this stage.

Then you could turn it into an eBook, a ‘how to’ manual, blueprint, or part-work.

Now you can SELL the blueprint you’ve developed as your own business opportunity so other people can follow it.

*** You’re not ONLY making money selling online

*** You’re not ONLY making sales and commissions from your weekly email newsletter…

*** You’ve got your own high profit business opportunity product that keeps making money as more people sell it. You’re a GURU!

Within a matter of years you’ve created multiple income streams from just one business idea.

You’re finally making more than £80K a year

So there you have it: nought to 80K in two years, thanks to the power of your mind!

And if you want my opinion, the best way to start…. is to get AMAZON to do all the hard work for you. Check out Automated Amazon Profits for how to do this.

Thankyou for playing!

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