Hot of the press! Urgent feedback revealed

Article by Charlie Wright

I have to say, it’s good to have you here.

(Charlie wipes a tear from his eye.)

Because you make all this happen!

I’m not saying I’m lazy, but this newsletter couldn’t possibly work without my army of seekers bringing me news, tips, feedback, warnings and horror stories.

Otherwise I’d have to try out EVERYTHING myself.

I’d have to spend every minute of every day in front of six trading screens, betting on five horse races, writing 20 surveys, juggling a dozen MLMs, managing an eBay shop, an Amazon account, a property portfolio and running my own cleaning business…

Never mind my own biz opp projects. Which, as you know, involve an e-letter consultancy, my Inbox Tycoon product, my newsletter and website, and my various copywriting, article marketing, book selling and classified ad projects.


This multiple income stream malarkey… it does work, but it takes a bit of grit and patience. It’s hardly the instant mega-wealth multimillion pound cash explosion you expect when you first get into biz opps, is it?

Like I always say:


Talking of robots…

Hot from the Jungle inbox – the latest feedback

It looks like Bandwagon Raiding Machine is something I’m not likely to recommend.

Whether it’s possible to profit from it or not, I’d personally stay well clear of the US property market and any attempt to exploit that situation.

Too unpredictable, too far across the Atlantic, too much for my tastes, and it seems the same for quite a lot of you.

One reader says:

‘Charlie Petty’ is in fact ‘Charles Petty’ a notorious American property guru & has been in the property business running seminars & selling courses on property investment in the States for many years.’

His ‘robot’ is actually an auto responder designed to harvest email addresses. The idea is then that you employ someone to work as an agent to put the email addresses of buyers and sellers together.

Another reader says:

“It might work if you followed everything to the letter, and was prepared to work hard for about a year.”

It’s just my opinion, but anything involving meddling in foreign property during an economic crisis while sitting at home in the UK in my pyjamas is too scary for me.
This week I also got some interesting feedback on surveys….

Three survey opps that WORK – but why you must be wary

Sadly, the majority of readers agreed with my analysis of survey opps.

One says:

“I have been doing surveys for quite a while, just for a little extra cash occasionally – it all helps. I agree with your reader that Ciao, Zoom Panel and are a complete waste of time. I don’t bother with them anymore.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. It seems there are a few good eggs among the piles of chicken poo.

Three readers have had a relatively good experience with a company called Pinecone.

One says:

“They pay you £4 straight into your paypal account each time you do a survey and they are not too long. They are fairly regular and you never get screened out.”
And another agrees:

“They only invite me to surveys that they know I can complete and they pay £4 a time. I take mine as luncheon vouchers, so that we can go out for a meal occasionally, but you can also request a deposit into a Paypal account.”

Also gets a cautious thumbs up…

“Their surveys are not too time consuming or difficult. Some are only 3 or 4 questions. They offer mostly vouchers for a variety of different stores (Currys, M & S, Argos) as prizes, with occasional cameras/camcorders.

I don’t spend a lot of time doing them & I did win £500 of vouchers for Currys.

These arrived after about 60 days, as promised, and I treated myself to a lovely new TV.”

And finally, another reader likes Global Market Surveys:

“I have been filling in their surveys for about 2 years now and although I do not fulfil all the criteria that they are casting a particular survey about, you still get points for even starting it. Yes it may be as little as 5 points but it does go up to 100 points, and when you reach 1000 points you can claim a cheque for $50 and if you carry on up to 2000 you get $100 and so on.”

And finally…

A warning we could all learn from…

I got an interesting email warning about websites that promise to “introduce you” to lots of survey spots who promise to pay you up to $100. Either that or they want to introduce you in the same way to mystery shopping sites.

For this privilege, they ask you to pay about $40 (or £25) to join up.

My informant says:

“All you get is a list of survey websites which you have to join for yourself. Worse than that they say ‘make sure you join the first 30 that are the best, but there are only one or two in UK!”

So you pay good money to get a list you could have got anyway, of which very few are relevant to we Brits.


Anyway. thanks for all your feedback on this subject, and I mean that. It’s really good stuff.

You should all be writing your own emails and blogs and generally taking over the world with your incisive greatness!

But I suppose I’m glad you’re not. Instead I can pass on your comments and take all the glory.

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