How can you take advantage of the post Valentine’s Day buzz?

profit from the post valentines day buzz

profit from the post valentines day buzzIn today’s trending topics, “Dating Websites” featured in the top 10 searches.

It seems obvious in hindsight. It’s the knock on effect of the all consuming, commercial tsunami that is Valentines day. TV ads and billboards are relentless at this time of year – perfect looking couples cooking each other meals, hugging on pristine beaches etc.

It serves as a big fat heartless reminder to many people who aren’t in a relationship, and want to be, that they’re still single.

So it’s little surprise then that many people start tapping “dating websites” into the search engine in the hope that they can find the perfect match.

While no doubt all the major dating websites will be jumping on the extra search traffic this is an opportunity for the budding online entrepreneur is to look beyond the obvious. This could be a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and do a bit of gorilla marketing – whether it’s a cleverly worded Google AdWords campaign or a cunning piece of news jacking.

Think about how you could tap into this post Valentine’s day buzz. Here’s an idea for a cheeky bit of ad copy:

“Single? You don’t need a dating website…”
Here’s why [insert your own copy tailored to your own product/website/news story here]


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