How to make £126 million with a spray can and a good social network

graffiti artist make money facebook

graffiti artist make money facebookThere was good news this week for 35 year old graffiti artist David Chloe.

It looks like he’ll be set to make a cool £126 million when Facebook makes it’s Initial Public Offering (becomes publicly traded on the stock market).

Back in 2005 Mr Chloe was commissioned to grafitti the walls Facebook’s Headquarters in Silicon Valley with ‘graphic sexual murals’ by then Vice President Sean Parker. Social networking sites, grafitti, sexual murals… all sounds TOTALLY normal so far. But here’s the twist: rather than being paid in cash Chloe accepted a few thousand dollars worth of share options in the company.

Smart move.

Thanks to Facebook’s expected $5 billion stock market floatation these shares should be worth roughly $200 million after the IPO. It’s a astounding payout for a graffiti artist who originally thought of Facebook as “ridiculous and pointless”.

And it’s not just David Chloe who’s set to secure a life changing windfall in the coming weeks. More than a 1,000 employees of the social networking site are likely to become millionaires when the IPO is announced.

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