How to make £300 from this piece of junk

Article by Charlie Wright

I’m not ashamed to say it. This is superb…

I salute you, Richard Bullivant!

While the internet fills with the latest marketing buzzword or moneymaking loophole, you SIR, are going back to the roots…. proper money-making where you take super-cheap “junk” stuff and flog it for a profit.
Sounds simple?
That’s because it is.

And if you’re looking for a little earner right now, THIS new release has to be your first stop. As Richard will show you, anyone can do this. It’s really simple, and you can turn it into £150-£300 a week.
Take a look at this then I’ll explain…

VHS Cash Machine Reviewed

Okay, so if you’ve seen the sales promotion, you’ll know we’re not talking get rich quick… or even get rich.

This is a nice and GEUINE little sideline that could bring you a chunk of extra cash each month. And it’s all thanks to a commodity most people throw out as junk – VHS videotapes.

Like me, you may even have a bunch of these lying about in your home…

Looking in the piles of boxes in my basement, I’ve got a copy of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back documentary I bought in 1988… a live Dylan concert with Tom Petty video, also from the mid-80s…. plus old favourite films like Brazil and Dr Strangelove.
I’ve also got classic kids stuff like Chorlton and the Wheelies.

Turns out from Richard Bullivant’s VHS Cash Machine manual that a few of these could be money-spinners. Apparently you should go for niche areas like classic children’s TV, old films and niche “non movies” like my Dylan stuff.

He also suggests a whole range of strange video categories that you would never think so profitable. I was quite surprised…
Of course, selling a few tapes you have lying about is one thing…

What Bullivant does in VHS Cash Machine is give you ways to seek out, list and promote a steady stream of VHS tapes so that you can make a small, yet ROLLING income. But because of the way VHS tapes are treated in the DVD era, this is quite an easy process, as you’ll find out.
To give you an idea…

As of 2010 Richard was making £150 a month clear profit from old VHS tapes. But that’s just one of the niches he shows you.

You can apply the same method to a variety of “unwanted” formats like old CDs and audio books. Combining a series of income streams is how he now makes £300 a week.

Good old money-making at its best
What’s brilliant about this is that you make money from stuff people chuck away. There are endless sources of things like VHS tapes. People take whole car-loads to the charity shop. You get them for pennies…. sometimes for whole boxes full of then… at car boot sales, flea markets, garage sales and clearance sales.
If you want to try a really honest-to-god bit of entrepreneurialism , then this is a top recommendation. In my view, there aren’t enough classic “back to the roots” business opportunities like this.
Richard Bullivant is a guy who’s gone out, done something successful, and doesn’t give any BULL about getting rich quick or owning sports cars.
If you could find a good use for £150-£300 a week, or even per MONTH this could really work well for you:
Check it out here.
A first income stream for you?
I hope that this floats your boat, or at least that Richard’s story inspires you.
His strategy is a great little idea if you’re still looking for a beginner’s home business. I also think that if you cracked something like this, you could easily scale up this business by repeating the trick over and over again.
As I’ve always said… it’s rarely ONE single business or product that makes you rich… it’s having multiple, reliable income streams, however small, that make you the real money – eventually!

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