How to make money from luuuurve

Article by Charlie Wright

Their eyes met across the crowded room.

He was a handsome, curly-haired biz opp writer from the wrong side of the tracks.

She was a supermodel, the toast of London, Paris and New York.

He sidled over to her, resting his lager down on the trestle table beside her curvaceous body. A bead of moisture rolled down the side of the glass.

“Have I met you somewhere before?” he asked?

Bosom heaving, she twirled the glazed cherry that poked out of her cocktail.

“Only in my dreams,” she whispered.

“You want to get out of here?” said Charlie, glancing out at the moon.

“No,” she winked, “Let’s do it here…


I don’t think your spam filter could take the rest of this story. And anyway I just wanted to test out my new skills at writing erotic fiction…

You’re going to think I’m crazy, BUT…

As you know, I love writing. And I’ve had a lot of emails from Biz Opp Junglers who want to learn how to do it too.

Well, this particular type of writing is not for everyone… but some people out there make money from it.  

Erotic literature.

This is one of the BIGGEST markets that exists for writing in the known universe. Seriously. Go into any WHSMITHS at any train station and check out the erotic fiction section. Or look at what’s on offer on

Demand for these books is huge. Those who write it can make big money, even though you don’t see the authors being interviewed on television, or in the Guardian.

And that’s just a FRACTION of the market.

There are thousands of writers now being published online. Or even publishing themselves on their own popular websites.

And it’s not just erotic novels… it’s short stories, magazine articles and ‘true tales’.

The best thing about this genre is that the writing follows certain formulas and rules which you can easily copy.

So you don’t need to be an experienced writer. You don’t even have to have a huge talent for it. You can LEARN it in a couple of months.

How to learn the art of luuuvve

One of the most popular courses is called the “Wade Erotic Online Writing Course’. It teaches you exactly how to structure the story… how to pick a storyline… how the characters should speak… how to start… how to end… how to present your story… where to publish it.

Everything, in fact. It’s very comprehensive.

Wade claim that publishers of erotic fiction will pay £100 for a very short story in a small-circulation magazine… (200-1,000 words)… or up to £100,000 for a book.

I can well believe it, too. The Internet has given millions of people access to the sort of fantasy literature they REALLY want to read.

No more embarrassment. No stigma. No hiding goods in brown envelopes.

It’s not surprising that there’s a boom in the industry. And think about it, even if you don’t want to be a writer… this could be the product to which you apply all your web marketing and biz opp skills!

Imagine your own erotic stories website with affiliate ads, plenty of free content, subscriber forums and your own newsletter.

Worth a thought, eh?

Anyway if you want a look at this in more detail, go to this page.

Okay, this isn’t for everyone. But I reckon it’s a bit of fun for the summer. Besides, which one of your other biz opp services would dare recommend something like this?

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