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Article by Charlie Wright

I was surprised to see an email in my inbox from a Mr. Robert Leech. It had the subject line: “Compliment of the day”.

How nice, I thought. I’ll open this email and see something like:  

“You are the most wonderful human being to have ever stalked the earth.”

But no. I think the sender actually meant, ‘COMPLIMENTS of the day”. And what followed was equally dodgy.

“I got your contact in course of my inquiry to locate relations of my Deceasesd [sic] Client who died in a car crash on the 13th February 2003. The reason for this is to inherit a Contracts Payment Deposits Account of $8.5million of which the Deceased left in a Finance Firm.

Consequently, having gone through to your profile on Internet, I want you to please assist me to inherit the fund into your Account.”

Lucky me, huh?  

Of course, this is another scam.

What you can do to get your own back on these idiots

You should delete anything that fishes for your address, telephone number or bank details. Ignore anything that says you’ve won the lottery, anything from Nigeria or Holland asking for ‘monies to be transferred’. And delete anything like Mr Leech’s email when it says this:

“Rather than leaving the Deposits/Account frozen hence I seek your help to claim the fund into your Account as you share same names with the Next of Kin and I have the required Information to execute the transaction under legal process.”


I have the same name as a dead millionaire… so I’m entitled to hold onto his money for a while?

He goes on…

“I need your full mailing address, your direct telephone number/Fax number for this transaction to commence successfully. Be informed that your compensation will be 40% of this fund, while 60% will be my share.”
Righto… but NO.

Mind you. Perhaps I shouldn’t delete this. Perhaps I should write back to Mr Robert leech with the following…

Letter to a scammer

Dear Mr Leech,
Thanks for your email.

I am very interested in your proposal, but have a few questions first:

1. You say I share the name of a deceased client who has died… could you tell me the exact date and time of the car crash?  

The reason I ask is that last week something weird happened. At 11pm I was lying in bed trying to sleep, when I heard a voice shout, “HELP”. I woke up with the feeling that some ‘thing’ – perhaps a spirit or demon – had “entered into me”.  

I wonder if this is the deceased asking me directly for assistance in the matter you describe?
 2. Could you confirm your client’s full name?

You see, legally, I have an extra middle name, which may or may not correspond to your client’s.
The middle name (it’s double-barrelled) is “Heston- Fandango”. Please confirm if this is also your (deceased) client’s middle name.
If you can answer the above queries for me, perhaps we can move forward on this exciting proposal.
Yours sincerely,

Charlie ‘Heston-Fandango’ Wright
Good. Glad that’s sorted.
How to make money from ‘inplay’ triggers

Clive Keeling, author of What Really Wins Money, is one of those guys who lives and breathes betting strategies. He’s habitually cynical about claims and regularly slamdunks the worst of the UK’s scamsters.

In response to the mounting piles of rubbish he’s released a really clever little system of his own. And yes, you CAN get guaranteed profits because you’re essentially trading bets….

What you do is place a bet that your team will win at one set of odds…  …Then later you ‘trade off’ for profit when the odds switch to your favour.
A strategy for anyone who wants to make great money on Betfair but doesn’t know where to start.
Clive has developed a neat little way to trade live football on Betfair using ‘in play’ triggers.  
These can make you a guaranteed profit whatever the final score. And you don’t have to watch the game. (A good thing if you’re like me and find football dull and annoying).  

With his help you can exploit Betfair’s ‘in play’ betting facility. This means you can tweak your position during the game… and keep doing so until you’ve locked in a profit – no matter what the result.  

This is a genuine betting opp, so you can forget about mega-cash payouts and champagne-popping jackpots. Clive gives those short thrift because they’re almost always BULL. 

He prefers straightforward, lower risk strategies that work. As he explains, this is a way to nip in and grab £51.68… £112.25… £178.92 or more.
This might not sound like much to begin with but once you get going this can build into a nice little bank. With a bit reinvested you can start enjoying bigger payoffs.
Clive points out he’s often picked up as much as £20 using this technique. But at the beginning he recommends you start small and test it out first.
Test-drive this without risking your own cash

To make this easy he’s giving you a 6 week risk-free trial.  My advice is to take him up on it… then put his system to the test without spending any of your own money.  
There’s a virtual money facility you can use to try this out, and the results you get will give you an accurate idea of how much you could make.
This way there’s no chance you’ll be out of pocket. And you’ll get an exciting month to boot (excuse the football pun).
There’s more information here

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