How to turn that crazy idea into money

Article by Charlie Wright

I got a fascinating email today from a guy who’s found a way of trading the markets.

He’s plunged himself into the world of technical analysis. This is where you study historical patterns in the markets… and use them to predict where a stock is headed.

“There is a ‘metaphysical’ essence to this,” he writes. “The pattern I’ve found is common in many stock charts whose price level is preparing to rise.”

So basically, he spots a buy signal on his charts and leaps in for the kill.

He goes on…

“And I know… because for many years I used to be a metaphysician!”

Brilliant. I can now count metaphysicians among my super-smart readership.

The reason this metaphysician was writing to me was because he had developed his own system. But he wanted to know how to take it further.

It’s a good point…

How do you go from having a private idea that works on a personal level… to publishing it on a larger scale so that you can also make a second income from telling other people?

You might find my answer useful… whether you’re into trading systems, betting systems, Ebay trading, or anything that makes money, really.

In fact, if you’ve got a good idea that works…

Here are 3 ways to turn an idea into MONEY

There are three basic ways to turn your money- making system into a second income.

**** ROUTE # 1

You write down in roughly 15,000 – 25,000 words how you developed your system, and how someone else can follow it, step-by-step.

Show evidence of where and how you’ve made money in the past. And include all your secrets, strategies, shortcuts, charts, phone numbers, etc.

Don’t worry about your writing skills. You don’t have to be Shakespeare. Just get the facts and figures down. A publisher can clean it up and do the rest for you. (If that’s too daunting, hold on. In a moment I’ll also show you how to get someone ELSE to write it for you.) You now approach a mail order publisher. Give them a brief idea of the system and see if they’re interested. You must fully convince them that your system works or they won’t risk going ahead.

Then offer to do a deal where they can help edit, print and push your manual to their customers as a one-off product or part-work. In return they’ll take a chunk of the profits.
Be mindful that while they’ll help sell it, you may need to offer regular mail support too.

You can sell this for as little as £37 or as much as £1,500, depending on the quality, detail, effectiveness, and levels of support you can offer.

**** ROUTE #2

If you don’t want to disclose your secret trading methodology… but want people to benefit from your idea all the same, here’s a second option.

Instead of learning your system themselves, they can follow your tips.

In this case, you develop a service where people sign up and get a brief manual explaining the basics of your system, but NOT the specific methodology.

You must then text/email your customers on a daily basis with recommendations. You need to be on hand at all times to answer queries, give sell orders and basically manage their portfolio.


This is VERY stressful and complicated and not for the faint hearted. Essentially, you have to tell people when to buy and when to sell, month after month.

Your reputation is on the line. And if things go wrong, you get a lot of angry people asking for refunds.

Again, to do this, you must go to a reputable publisher and pitch for a joint venture. In this case, you’d have to slap a huge price on it (from £500 to £5,000!) because it’s a LOT of work.

You may also need to limit the intake to, say, 500 customers only. Otherwise your head will explode.

**** ROUTE # 3

Or, of course, if you want to be really independent, you can miss out the middleman entirely!

In this case you need to write and produce a ‘how to’ manual yourself, just as described in ROUTE # 1. If this is too daunting, here’s a tip: go to elance.

Now you won’t need to write a thing. Because this is a website where people pitch for professional writers to create their articles, books and website content for them.

The writers then bid for the job and get paid to get the copy back to you on brief and on time.

If you’re going it alone, you will also need to create a powerful sales promotion. As you no doubt know, by now, it’s “hard-sell” long copy that works.

So if you’re confident as a copywriter, go for it. Or you’ll need to pay a professional.

After this, you’ll still need to sort the printing, stocking, and mailing of your manual. And remember, if you do this independently, you’ve got to make sure you have a payment system to receive money.

Perhaps think of creating an e-book instead, which saves a lot of that administrative hassle.

Another tip. If you want to get a professional service to create a website and payment facility for your product, go to:

Mr Site or 123Reg

For a small payment these companies will sort it all out for you. Even if you’re a complete technophobe like me.

Now you’re self published!

Once you have a completed manual, and an online sales page, with payment facility, you can offer it to people who are happy enough to sell it on commission Again, this is why you must convince – or even SHOW – publishers that your product really works.

Dodgy outfits may take it on, but you could have a bumpy ride and a short career!

For my money, the best UK publishers you can go to are Agora Lifestyles Ltd, Fleet Street Publications, Canonbury Publishing, Oxfordshire Press and Streetwise Publishing.

I think joint ventures are the best way for a novice to go. But you MUST have your product and potential market sorted first before anyone will take it seriously enough to progress further.

Hope this helps.

By the way, if you’re into trading systems, check out the trading reviews on this site for the best and worst of the current crop.

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