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Article by Charlie Wright

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of 2008.
As I pointed out, they weren’t the “best” of the year as such. It was a very personal selection based on my own adventures. Those were the manuals and courses that I plundered, mixed and matched to help me create good income streams.
I also wrote those emails to show you that developing a home business is often a matter of selecting bits of biz opps that work for you…. rather than pinning everything on one manual, as if it holds all the answers in 100 pages.
And there was another reason for me banging on about myself…
By listing my personal successes of last year, I wanted to let you in on some of the stuff I was getting up to.
…In case you thought that all I EVER do is sit in my study, reading other people’s biz opps and casting my spurious judgement on them.
Of course, I DO that as well.
When it comes to reading biz opps I’m like a dope fiend crack junkie booze hound on heat.  You’re ike my twice-weekly counselling session.
Sometimes I imagine that all of us… that’s you, me and the other Junglers… are sat on hard-back chairs in a cold classroom.
You cough politely as I stand up and announce:
“Hello, my name is Charlie Wright and I’m a biz opp junkie. I can’t help ordering books from websites that say things like: REVEALED! How this ex-ski jumper from Skegness cracked the code for making mountains of cash at the touch of a button… now YOU can ride the avalanche of profit!”
And everyone applauds.
But I digress…
Okay. You can rest assured that I’m now done with talking about last year.
2008 is over.
Finished with.
Done and dusted.
I’ve packed it up and shoved it into a box under the bed.
Today I want to show you what’s in store for The Biz Opp Jungle in 2009…
Biz opp reviews coming up…
I’ve had a lot of emails since Christmas, with all kinds of requests for feedback and further investigation. So over the last few weeks I’ve been ordering advance copies and trials so I can get cracking with some new reviews.
In the pipeline for the next couple of months:
Oliver Goehler… David Anderson… JV Golden Ventures… Narconomics… Millionaire Maker…  Jonathan Street… Minimum Wage Millionaire…
It does take me a while to get hold of these, read them, investigate the back-story, check them out, talk to my contacts, then write the review.
So please be patient. I will try and get info on these out to you as soon as I can.
As well as the usual product review stuff, I’ve got something really exciting planned for the year. Something that I’ve been working on, and hope to get finished in the spring…
All my strategies handed to you on a plate
At the beginning of today’s email I talked about not “pinning your hopes on one manual” as if it held all the answers. And I explained that I use lots of different systems and combine them into something that works for me.
When I first wrote up my review of 2008 in December, I started thinking…
Why haven’t I ever found an internet marketing manual or programme that does everything in one go?
And if I’ve not been completely satisfied by a single programme…. yet over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve developed something that works for me… why don’t I CREATE one myself?
Why don’t I bite the bullet and develop that “all in one” programme of my dreams and offer it to my readers?
These are good questions, right?
Now, once my little brain starts whirring, it doesn’t stop. All kinds of cogs and springs start flying everywhere, until my head is filled with twangs, whizz bangs and minor explosions.
When it comes to getting from A to B, I’m like a badly oiled Victorian flying machine.
To get things straight, I started mapping out everything I’d do on a big piece of paper… the information products, the affiliates, the emails, the website, the cross-selling, the advertising… then I tried to join the dots. This way I could see how my own business strategy could be stripped down and rebuilt as an easy-to-copy system.
I started simplifying it, taking out all the quirky personal elements that I offer (like all the writing, daft jokes, marketing know-how and creative stuff) and seeing if it still worked as a basic money generator. Something for the utter novice to be able to run with.
Once I’d mapped out this basic system and created a simplified model of what I’d do, I started testing it.
But before you leap through the ceiling with excitement, hold your horses….
I’m still in the process of testing this out. But I’m now quite excited… because it’s feasible… really, honestly, feasible.
And the way it’s looking right now, it would only take 20 minutes a day to run, making even the most risk-averse biz opp technophobe an easy £500-£2000 extra cash a month.
I’ll say right now that this will take a good while to get this ready. It is going to be big project for me. Far bigger than The Inbox Tycoon, the programme I first published in 2007.
Because I want this to be something I hand over as a water tight, sealed, ready-to-go home business. Not a blueprint or a ‘how to’, or an educational programme, but an ACTUAL business. All the marketing and copy is pre-made and done in advance. You’d get all the templates and copy you needed.
You can order it, assemble it at home, like a flat- pack bed, and climb into it right away!
There would be a manual, interactive website, CD ROM, email consultancy, and a system for users to communicate with each other and combine forces.
Basically, it’s the big guns.
Anyway, I’m ranting on and getting WAY ahead of myself.
I just wanted to let you know my plans. In case you think that a baby had turned my head to mush and I’d lost my fighting spirit!

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