Internet Marketing know how – from Cumbria!


IMknowhowI was really intrigued to come across this site recently – such a refreshing change from some of the hypey Internet Marketing bumf that comes out of the states.

Internet Marketing Know How

It’s run by two friends Anne Groom and Lynne Ivatt setting out to show ordinary people how to get started in Internet Marketing. They give you pointers in a whole host of different subject areas – from getting your website up and running to search engine tidbits and advice. Lynne’s based in the east and Anne’s up north in gorgeous Cumbria – near the Lake District.

Anne’s a psychotherapist by trade (handy considering the subject matter) and I like the motivational advice she offers readers as well. One of the hardest things about the Internet Marketing game – particularily if you’ve going it alone – is keeping yourself motivated.

It was a pleasant suprise coming across this – worth a look if you’ve got a mo.

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