Lisgo and the art of reselling

Article by Charlie Wright

I may confuse you a little in this adventure.

But it will be NOTHING compared to how confused I get these days…

See, every week I get sent web links by my good readers to read and comment upon.

As far as I can manage, I offer my humble opinion on the biz opps in these twice- weekly emails or in reviews on my site.

It may take me some time, but eventually I get there and everybody’s happy… except for a few ‘UNSUBSCRIBES’ from people who thought they were signed up to a dating agency.

(For the last time, NO, Miss T. Hubberswickle. I do NOT want to go to the Aquarium and then for dinner at Garfunkles. And please stop writing to me about your cat.)

Aside from Miss Hubberswickle, so far so simple, right?

But imagine my confusion when some of the links I get sent look exactly the same… but seem to promote entirely different products… or when products I’ve already reviewed appear in totally different guises in different web-links…

Or when dozens of seemingly different products and promotions all lead back to one man.

And imagine this…

A sales promotion that begins: “Hello Idiot”

For example, I got a link asking me about It leads to a web page where you’re asked you to enter your user name and password.

(Weirdly, you can type ANYTHING you like. For instance, I wrote “Idiot” as my username, and “cheese” as my password.)

The product in this case is the Easy Internet Income Formula from someone called Robert Jones. And in my case, after the headline, the promotion begins with the salutation:

“Hello Idiot”.

Then another email I received asked me to check out

This looks like the same link, but it takes you to a promotion for Martin Welch’s ‘Property Finder’, which I reviewed last Sunday, based on a totally different promotion.

Then another reader sent me to Here you’ll see a chunk of text and a grinning face with NO name under it.

(I think you should ALWAYS put a name under a photo, otherwise it looks dodgy as hell.)

But if you click on any of the links on this page, you’ll go to a series of promotions by someone called John Lisgo… who turns out to be the guy from the photo.

What on earth is going on?

I don’t know about you, but I’m calling Doctor Who, because I think I’m slipping between dimensions of reality…

Either that, or I’m in ‘FUTURE WORLD!

John Lisgo is actually the guy behind a company called FutureWorld.

Although it sounds like a science fiction organisation right out of a Doctor Who episode, the company is less sinister.

It’s all about resale rights, or “information licensing”. This is where you take someone else’s product and promote it yourself.

There are others of his ilk, but Lisgo seems to be one of the biggest promoters of resale rights right now. He must be doing a big push… or he’s hit that point where his subscribers are flooding the market with his resale products.

I know this because loads of you have been sending me links to resale products in one guise or another.

For instance, another email asked me about This links is for a product called The Easy Way to make +£10,000+ Per Month UK Mail Ordering System.

The promotion quotes as its source… surprise, surprise… a certain “John Lisgo”.

But in no way is any of this a scam. In fact, John Lisgo’s stuff is a nice little biz opp to get into… if you’re willing to put in time and effort.

Don’t be bamboozled by the big money claims. Be aware that there’s no EASY money from this opportunity.

This takes work to get the rewards

If you’ve been tempted by this, I’ll give you the basics of the business in a nutshell.

When you sign up to Lisgo’s £597 product, you get 11 products to sell and his advice and expertise on how to do it.

The products are all of different prices and at different levels… from cheap “entry level” stuff that may cost less than £30… to products that cost over £300.

The idea is that you widely promote the entry-level products first to get a large take- up of buyers.

Now, understand that it may even cost you more money to promote this than you earn… but there’s a simple marketing secret behind this.

You next sell those entry level buyers onto a higher-priced product… then sell those buyers onto an even higher level… and so on, ’til you’ve got a small circle of subscribers paying for a high price service with huge margins for you.

When you’ve got a constant flow of people coming through your various levels, you’ll start making good, regular money.

This is called “the funnel technique” and it works well for people like Andrew Reynolds and James Goldsmith, who you’ve probably come across.

Of course, there’s a drawback

Tonnes of people are doing this

From the many Lisgo resale products I’m getting, there are a fair few of you doing this already.

This type of business has been around a long time, so a lot of people are reselling the same products to the same market.

Not to put you off, but you should think about whether you’ve got the time, energy and commitment to go hard at this, so that you beat the competition.

Even more importantly, if you’ve got the kinds of lists and contacts to get ahead.

I wonder if it’s better to come up with your own products and sell truly original ideas using these techniques.

But that’s another story for another time.

So there you go. Mystery solved. I hope that’s cleared up any doubts regarding Mr Lisgo and his products.

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