London Calling: How to get Internet access on the tube

WiFi on London Underground

WiFi on London UndergroundHere’s a tip for anyone who lives in London or is thinking of visiting London and using the tube (or ‘subway’ for our American readers).

Installing WiFi on the tube has been in the pipeline for a while now and finally, after months of flapping and pushed back deadlines, you can get Internet access in over 100 stations on the London underground.

In one way I find this news massively depressing. The tube felt like one of the only places left on earth where you could read a book without getting bothered by email or buzzing app updates…

Still we must embrace the future!

The good news is that for the majority of us who have a mobile phone contract this service is completely free.

How to get access to WiFi Internet
on the London Underground

Specifically this WiFi access is FREE if you are a customer of any of the following mobile network providers:

Virgin Media

If you are not a customer of any of the above (for example if you’re with 02 or another provider not listed) you’ll need to purchase a Virgin Media WiFi pass which you can get here:

Virgin Media WiFi Pass

(Unfortunately it’s not exactly cheap and comes in at £2 for a day, £5 for a week and £15 for 3 months).

“Where can I get access?”

The initial rollout is for just over 100 stations.

You can see a full list here.

At the time of writing you can only connect to the WiFi in the ticket halls, corridors and on platforms of these stations.

That means that thankfully the tunnels in the underground are still safe! For now at least you shouldn’t be bothered by morons on packed tubes loudly clinching business deals over Skype from your armpit.

Have you used this WiFi service yet? Do you think it’s a good idea? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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