Make £1000 before breakfast

Article by Charlie Wright

Here’s a business opportunity product that I think has good AND bad points…

Can you really make £1,000 before breakfast?

You may have seen my review for Terry Wilson’s “£1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast” (published by Streetwise) on my site a little while back.

Thing is, I didn’t review the product itself. I just took the mick out of the sales promotion for it.

Not very professional of me. Then again, I’m not a professional. Ha ha ha ha!

(CUE: Sound effect of custard pie hitting my face)

So what do I think of the manual itself?

If you’re brand new to the business opportunity world, it’s actually very good. I don’t know if you’ve read John Harrison’s ‘The Money Making Magic of a Funfair Goldfish’. But it’s similar in style.

Unsurprisingly, really, as Harrison is a head honcho at Streetwise Publishing.

(There are 2 ‘new & used’ copies of John Harrison’s motivational Goldfish-based book on…
if you’re quick you’ll get ’em cheap!)

In my view, “How to Make £1,000…” is a starter pack. An introduction into the mail order, internet marketing and publishing world.

Whereas my ‘The Inbox Tycoon’ reveals a specific niche business in detail, offering a blueprint to follow…. this manual is a general overview.

It explains… in a very entertaining and easy-to-follow way… EXACTLY how the information publishing business works.

Read it, and you’ll know how repackaged books, CD- ROMs, information products, DVDs, resale rights, email newsletters, eBooks, manuals, and sales promotions all fit together.

You’ll understand how and why people buy information products. You’ll learn the basic principles of marketing and selling. You’ll get plenty of ideas.

The lay of the land will become startlingly clear to you.

However, the downside is…

It’s only a beginning

Wilson’s manual covers a LOT of ground, but doesn’t focus on any one specific aspect of the business.

If you’ve been around the block a bit, none of this will be particularly new. If you’ve already tried selling information products like courses, books, and manuals, you may hunger for more detail.

You get insights into every area of information publishing… but no specific blueprint on any one aspect.

I would recommend this book to someone who was new to business opportunities.

And to anyone who sees the Andrew Reynolds and Tim Lowes of this world and thinks, “How does it all work? How do these guys make money?”

Actually, it reminds me…

I’m doing a bit of consultancy for a small company trying to break into email publishing. This manual would be a PERFECT way to lay out the general principles of the business first.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who already have a tonne of home business manuals, books and courses on their shelves.

To those people whose shelves are groaning with unread or untested biz opps, I say this:

“No more PROCRASTINATING! Open them up and READ them…. or send them BACK for a refund… or SELL them on … or, for heaven’s sake, TRY THEM OUT!”

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