Massive sale on productivity apps (iPhone)

Massive sale on Apple productivity appsNewsflash for Apple users! If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac take a look on the iTunes app store because right now there are massive discounts on selected ‘productivity apps’

There’s a genuinely worthwhile sale on in the iTunes store at the moment.

Productivity apps covering everything from word processing and scanning to email and translation are MASSIVELY reduced at the moment and you can save up to 70% off selected apps.

These are the apps on offer:

– Clear (£1.49)
– Notability ()
– MindNode (£2.99)
– Scanner Pro (£1.99)
– Fantastical 2 for iPhone (£2.99)
– Launch Center Pro (£1.40)
– Boxer for Gmail, Outlook (£2.99)
– Prizmo (£1.99)
– Tydlig – Typing Reimagined (£0.99)
– iTranslate Voice (£1.49)
– Writer Pro (£2.99)
– Grafio – Diagrams and Ideas (£2.49)
– PDF Expert 5 (£2.99)
– PCalc (£2.99)
– Gneo (£2.49)
– Due (£1.49)
– Todo (£1.49)
– TextGrabber (£4.99)
– MobileFamilyTree 7 (£4.99)
– Scanbot (£0.69)

For a breakdown of each app visit iTunes and click on the yellow banner.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to find a direct link to this but you’ll be able to find it instantly when you go into iTunes or the app store.

This is a cracking sale, but do make sure you check out the reviews for each app before buying. Paying half price for an app you won’t use is like paying full price for nothing!

As yet there is no indication when this sale will end (knowing Apple, they could close it in 5 minutes time) so if you’re interested, make sure you take a look now.

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