Moneymaking secrets from a Crook

Article by Charlie Wright

I’ve been watching a lot of teflevision this week.

Not the old-fashioned television, run by networks…. but the “new” television, created by ordinary people at home….  where you pick and choose what you see. Yes, I’ve been glued to YouTube (

Apart from roller-skating monkeys, wonky pirate videos of rock gigs, and drunk students screaming into cameras, there are things of worth on there. You need some patience however.

A lot of patience, as I’ve found.

See, for the past few days I’ve been locate some free sources of money making advice and information for you. And I’ve come up trumps, I reckon. In a moment I’ll show you a few fantastic clips I’ve found that should help you move your projects forward.


Why I’m going square-eyed on your behalf

I’m aware that I’ve been quite negative about a lot of biz opps recently, and quite rightly so – I don’t regret a word!

Of course, it’s easy to slag things off from my ivory tower in East London.

(Not that I live in an actual ivory tower… it’s more of a castle built from elaborate networks of elephant tusks, and laminated in gold – you should come and see it.)

Look on any forum and you’ll see “reviews” and “comments” from millions of misery guts who love to spout their ill-informed views and revel in their cynicism.

They have no experience making money. Neither do they get off their backsides. But oh, how clever it is to criticise absolutely everything. How intelligent they are.

Wow. Give them a banana.

It’s much harder to actually go out and do something, try something, push yourself to make some money that can change your life.

It’s not so easy to come up with positive ideas and new angles. Far trickier to think: “Okay, if these rubbish paid services aren’t delivering what they promise, where else can we find useful tips and inspiration?”

You could go on Google, of course. But it’s so vast, it’s like flying into the galaxy to look for a lost satellite. Or like watching Channel 5 for a year in an attempt to find a decent telly programme.

Fact is, there’s a lot of information out there.

…And 95% of it is utter tosh.

Same goes for YouTube.

The biggest problem is that lots of entrepreneurs are cottoning onto the money-making potential of YouTube.

So you get a lot of the free videos are nothing more than sales pitches for subscription newsletters, courses and books.

That’s fine, of course. More than fine, actually….

I should really get something up there myself, as it seems like a great tool for finding new readers and biz opp enthusiasts.

Perhaps I could make a shaky mobile phone video of me having a race with a rollerskating monkey?

But for an ordinary person who wants to find specific tips and ideas on YouTube, it’s difficult. What you get is either boring nonsense from publicity seekers, or “hard sell” American-style advertising.

However, in my online travels I found this….

Tips from a Crook

If you’re trying to sell anything – including Ebay products, newsletters, MLM opportunities, information products, imported items, and even yourself or your own services – you need to know how to catch as many pairs of eyes as possible.Here are two great clips of a seminar by a guy called Trevor Crook (unfortunate surname in this kind of business!)

I’ve not heard of him before. He appears to be an Australian copywriter. But having done a lot of internet marketing myself, his advice is right on the money.

He tells you how to knock up a headline… how to get a 300% increase on an classified, Google or online advert… how to drive people to a website… how to make a good Yellow Pages Advert and how one letter can change response. And it’s all for free, with no upsell or other shenanigans.

Check this out.

And here’s the second one.

While looking at Crook’s stuff, I was led to some YouTube clips of Ted Nicholas…

Inspiration from a marketing legend

Ted Nicholas started out in his father’s homemade ice cream business, cleaning floors. He then began selling vacuum cleaners door to door.

At 21 years old, he was $96,000 in debt.

So he started his own ice cream business called “Peterson’s House Of Fudge”.

There he began to realise that the choice of words he used in his signs, print advertising and direct mail pieces made a massive difference to his profits.

By developing his own advertising, he soon expanded to 30 retail franchises.Using his experience, he wrote “How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50”. It was a no-brainer. People could fill a series of forms in the book and start their own company without paying for all the legal fees. It became the best-selling business books in history.

Nicholas then created the “Enterprise Publishing Company”, publishing 14 more business books and retired in 1991, extraordinarily wealthy.

After that, demands for his consultancy and copywriting services grew to stupid levels, and Ted started doing seminars and presentations around the world. For lots of money, obviously.

Back in 2001, I went to one of his UK seminars. Yes, yours Truly. Second row back. Absorbing everything.

I took piles of notes and came back with one of my favourite biz opp books, called ‘Magic Words’, and ideas I still use today in my own website.So I encourage you to check out these YouTube videos, where Ted Nicholas offers his worldly advice right into the camera.

Again, you can watch this and walk away without paying or signing up for anything.

Here’s Ted on why it’s important to have dreams.

And I thought you might find this interesting. While it’s a “copywriting” conference, he’s actually talking about the joys of entrepreneurialism and how to sell.

He even explains how he turned one simple advert into $200,000 a month.

Hope all this gets your juices going. I’ll have more at the weekend. And, of course, there’s plenty of information on my website.

If you’re looking for info on any new opp, this website should be your first stop

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