Welcome to your NEW LOOK Insider’s Edge

New Look Insider's Edge

New Look Insider's Edge
Your revamped Insider’s Edge

You may have noticed that Insider’s Edge issues have been a wee bit thin on the ground recently…

That’s because I’ve been working hard on a brand new website redesign for you.

Your top requests were…

1. An easier way to access top rated reviews

You can now click the *Highly Recommend* tab under ‘Reviews’ to browse through the highest rated systems and products on Insider’s Edge.

2. At a glance ratings on product/system reviews

I’ve introduced a star rating system so that you can quickly see the key, need-to-know stats.

3. Easy to navigate categories

Whether you’re looking for business opportunity ideas, technology time saving tips or scam warnings, you can now navigate any of the categories in a new visually friendly way

4. Mobile optimised viewing

I know a lot of readers view the newsletter and website via their smartphones and tablets. The site is now fully optimised for mobiles and tablets (such as iPads) so that you can scroll through the site in the optimal format for your device.

5. Clearer text on screen

I’ve introduced larger, easier to read fonts so that you won’t have to squint anymore when reading articles, tips and reviews on the site.

You’ll notice other little tweaks and changes which have been introduced to (hopefully) improve your viewing experience.

I’d love to hear your feedback and any other suggestions you may have. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me direct at the usual address.

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