Now I know where the ice cream men have gone

Article by Charlie Wright

I recently bought a new book and… I have to say… it’s the dog’s privates!

Seriously… you can take your completed sets of Harry Potters, Stephen Kings and Jilly Coopers and put them in your garden for compost. Because THIS is the kind of book that gets me totally and utterly hooked.

It’s possibly the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.

But then again, it’s about one of my favourite subjects.
Oh, and it’s already making me a few bob, too…

Highbrow literature fans need not read any further… a dish of quail eggs and a wander thro’ the meadow awaits ye.

But for the rest of us…

Here’s a book written by an ice cream man!

I heard about the book from a mail-shot with the headline, “FED UP OF WORKING FOR IDIOTS?”

It reminded me a little bit of myself…

“For God knows how many years, my wife has put up with me while I’ve followed countless strategies that claim to make money,” begins the writer.

“She’s made do without new dresses, without all the fantastic holidays and expensive meals she deserves, while I tried to discover the real way to get wealthy.”

And he goes on…

“I’ve tried ‘miracle’ systems that claim to turn £10 into £289,000 in three days… I’ve tried learning the ‘secrets’
of property millionaires… I’ve tried spread betting, I’ve listened to gambling experts… I’ve done it ALL…

A familiar story, huh? Except this guy used to be an ICE CREAM MAN!

Remember the other week when I was banging on about the lack of ice-cream men in the East End of London?

Well now I know where they’ve gone. They’re all now in the fixed odds business!

The promotional piece is written by a guy called Matthew Shaw. He’s pretty new on the scene, but already making big waves as the guru behind Fixed Odds Trader – a subscription service from Fleet Street Publications.

Obviously, his days as a struggling ice-cream man are over. He claims to pull in £3,000 to £4,000 a month from fixed odds trading. And he charges subscribers nearly £500 for a year’s worth of his tips.

This is why I got excited when I read his FED UP OF WORKING FOR IDIOTS mailing. For cheapskates like me, it’s great news.

He’s put his strategy into a book that costs less than £30.

Any idiot can do it, too!

As a seasoned biz opper, you probably know about fixed odds betting. It’s like betting on a horse. You make bets on where a financial market is headed for a set return.

The difference is that you can set stop losses or get your money out of a bet before it expires.

It’s similar to spread betting, except you can NEVER lose more than your original stake. You know what you’re going to win… and what you stand to lose.

And that’s what I like about The Idiot’s Guide to Fixed Odds Betting. You don’t have to think too hard… and can make money without your spouse threatening to leave you!

Matthew claims that with his system, you can make £50- £80 every day. He adds this up to £13,050 – £20,880 a year of TAX FREE MONEY in your pocket, for around two hours work a week.

I don’t see why you can’t make this kind of money. I made £228 quid profit in 3 days last week from my fixed odds bets.

But I’ll be honest. You don’t make massive chunks of money because you’re not really taking big risks.

Say you start off with £100. You bet on what Matthew calls ‘sun will rise tomorrow’ bets – easy bets with low reward.

He reckons it’s like being on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and being asked “What’s the capital of England”, then banking the cash.

If you make a quick 20% profit on £100, you then add that £20 to your £100 betting pot. This way you bet slightly bigger sums of money each time.

He explains it a lot better in his report than I do here. But you get the gist…

It’s clever book for an Idiot’s Guide

Best thing for me about Matthew’s book because is that it’s a right old page-turner… written in a quirky style that makes me think he’s had the help of a good copywriter.

And why the hell not?

Although the 85 pages are packed, you could easily get through this in a sitting, and read it again the next day to make sure. In two days you could start making money pretty easily, and with confidence.

Matthew chucks in a load of support, too. For £29, I don’t reckon he needs to do this. It’s already worth the price.

You get a number so you can call a support team if you like. I’ve rung the number and they do exist – not some automated machine.

***** WARNING! I don’t recommend flirting with the customer services girl on the end of the line if your girlfriend happens to quietly walk into the room while you’re not looking… OR to carry on the flirting while not knowing she’s staring at you in a mixture of pity and disgust… OR then to notice her staring at you and to try and cover up by saying “Bye Mum!” and putting the phone down. This would be bad. And it WOULD happen to me, wouldn’t it? ******

You also get a free email each week with tips – which are genuinely useful. Matthew also offers you his support for 3 months. This means you can get in touch with him and ask him questions.

To me, this is the REAL deal-breaker on this book. Like I say, The Idiot’s Guide to Fixed Odds Betting is so good, he could just charge £29 and leave it at that.

But hey ho. Well done, Matthew. At least someone is offering more for less, rather than the other round.

You can read his full “ice-cream-man-to-riches’ story, and try out his book risk-free by clicking here (please note: no longer available)

It’s the usual drill – 3 months, no quibble guarantee. With the Fleet Street Publications lot there’s never a problem with refunds, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

All I can say is… kick back and enjoy a right rollicking read!

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