OK, silly season is OVER

Article by Charlie Wright

Last night I watched ‘The Godfather’ on Film 4.

I went to bed expecting to dream of horses’ heads in beds and bullet-ridden Italians slumped over bowls of pasta.

But no…

Instead, I was treated to an epic, violent dream about inter-galactic Kung Fu. Everybody in my dream, including me, was Chinese. I ran down corridors, beating up villains with triple flips and groin-busting kicks. Then I’d flee as they fired cyber blasts from their fists and hit me over the head with silver dustbin lids.

I ended up on a clunky old space ship on a suicide mission with my friend, Jane. We were drinking beer from a huge keg. The Chinese kung fu commander was rousing our spirits with old battle songs.

But I wasn’t frightened of the perils that faced me, because I was a hero.

I could face anything.

Then I work up. And my first thought was, “Oh my God, I am NOT an intergalactic Kung Fu champion… I am just a bloke trying to make money from home…


I stumbled down stairs in my pyjamas and switched on my computer. There were no messages from Commander Wan about my heroic exploits… just 47 emails in my inbox… and blank WORD screen with a flashing cursor…

And what day was it?

Wednesday. The day I always write to my subscribers.


See, I have a confession to make

I have to admit something to you. The last few weeks have been a washout for me.

Instead of organising a proper summer holiday with Sarah, and telling all my readers and clients that I was AWOL… I’ve been in limbo… somewhere between running my own business… and running about the country like a maniac.

I had people staying over two weekends ago. Then I went to Edinburgh last Monday ’til Wednesday to visit friends who’d just had a baby.

Then I was at ANOTHER 3-day festival in the Cambridgeshire countryside on Friday, to see the legendary folk singer, Arlo Guthrie.

(Ever heard his 1960s anthem, “Alice’s Restaurant”? You should. It’s 15 minute masterpiece of funny, direct storytelling that lures you in and makes a serious point at the end. Just like every good e-letter should!)

Anyway, in the few hours between the madness, I tried to answer as many emails as possible, and finished some copywriting work for a friend. But really, I’d taken my foot off the pedal.

And now I’ve realised something.

When you run your own home business, there’s nobody to cover you while you’re away. Nobody to do the research and networking. And, most importantly, nobody to keep up the momentum.

So now I’m sitting here with low energy and few ideas. It’s like somebody’s filled my head with custard.

Ever felt like that?

I hope so, or you’re just going to think I’m a crazy layabout.

But I think you probably do, because I’ve noticed something about the month of August that affects most of my friends in the biz opp business…

It’s silly season for EVERYBODY.

Why you shouldn’t sell too hard in August

If you’ve noticed your projects, your sales, or your customer responses slowing down in late July and August, then don’t panic.

It happens to me too.

I’ve taken on no new writing or consultancy projects in this time. And you’ll notice that I haven’t really reviewed much new stuff recently… because there really hasn’t been much about.

So why push things when people aren’t into it?

You have to take it on the chin that sales and responses will be low, then use your time to have fun like everyone else.

People are on holiday… or enjoying mini- breaks… or out and about at festivals and events. That includes customers AND business people.

So it’s best to save your energies for a fresh start in September. That’s when you’ll get everyone back at their computers, ready to buy or sell.

But make your plans NOW. Set some firm targets.

Think to yourself that on the 1st of September, you’re going to start the next phase of your search for the perfect home business.


You can either push your current project to the next level. Or start a concentrated search for the next opportunity you want to try.

Hopefully I am going to have something brand spanking new to review for you. While it’s all well and good bashing scams, we want to find things that make money, right?

Hey I’ll even start you off with something now, just to get your thinking.

The secrets of blogging and other online biz opps

You know I’ve been banging on about blogging being the next big thing in biz opp?

Well, there’s a guy called Jonathan Street who is forging ahead with this topic. I know he is working on a product you’ll be able to buy soon, and I’ll review it when I get hold of the completed version.

But in the meantime, you can find out all about his web activities in a free e-letter called the Internet Income Detective.

Jonathan says:

“You’re going to get an insider’s look into how I earn thousands of pounds a month online, and how you can do the same by simply copying me.”

You’ll also get a mini business blueprint each month, showing you step by step how to set up a new no cost to low cost online income stream.

Plus Jonathan has a six month plan to build twenty five web sites, so you’ll be able to get a look into what he’s doing as he’s doing it.

Blimey, you can tell HE hasn’t been playing truant in August can’t you? The swat!

I’m pretty jealous, actually.

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