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Article by Charlie Wright

In the past I’ve told you that when it comes to home businesses I’ve pretty much tried them all.

But some businesses are not worth touching with a ten-foot barge pole. You probably know the ones I’m talking about… “AMAZING, touch-of-a-button, INSTANT CASH backdoor ‘secrets’!”

Yeah right. Pull the other one.

You pay your £97… and if you’re lucky you receive a flimsy 30-page manual that states the bleedin’ obvious. If you’re unlucky, you get sod all… and you never hear from the “guru” again.

Me? In the old days I used to sleepwalk into these money-pits. I swallowed almost every claim and piece of hype. I was that desperate for something that worked.

That was until publisher Nick Laight began his business opportunity advice service. Here at last was someone who gave me advance warnings of the dodgy opps and fake gurus – before I spent my money.

I owe a lot of my success to Nick. He was the first true biz opp warrior – yes, before muggings here! For years he’s warned ordinary people of the con-artists and fly-by-nights. But he’s not just out to knock the worst businesses. He reveals which stuff really works.

Over the past decade he’s investigated practically every business from dog-sitting to FX trading, eBay to Domain Name strategies, import-export and the latest betting system. He and his team of researchers go through the latest manuals and mail-shots with a fine toothcomb.

So if you’re thinking of investing in a biz opp, betting strategy or trading system right now, I urge you to take a look at this new video by Nick.

He’s offering 2 specially commissioned reports jam-packed with his favourite money-making ideas from the past 12 months.
Take a look here
Why you should give this a go

Here’s what’s good about this offer….

It’s completely free.  

You’ll get the two special reports and a free subscription to Nick’s email alert service. You won’t ever have to pay for this information. Not now, not ever.
Here’s what he’s been sharing with readers recently:

·         Who else wants to make £40,000 a year from council tax?  Nick uncovered a sneaky loophole that could help you make a great income by finding mistakes in council tax banding.
·         How he made £2,440 profit from a helicopter wearing a pink bow
·         Earn an honest profit by offering a much-needed CV writing service.
·         Legal ways to exploit children and animals for hard cash (not as controversial as it sounds!)
·         How this diet turned into a marketing virus and how you could copy this smart marketing plan
·         Yes you really could make £30,000 – £40,000 a year from baby feet
·         What’s so hot about pop up shops and how you could profit
·         A clever way to make money from family photo albums
·         A great (non-techy) way to profit by turning old vinyl records and CDs into digital files
·         Why every toddler should have a (temporary) tattoo and how to make a great second income from it
·         How to cash in with ghost photography and take-away menus

·         How to rent high end calculators to students
·         Finally, a proven way to find hot products to sell!
Every week Nick’ll send you his latest research into business opportunity ideas – plus step-by-step instructions you need to start many of these business plans.

You’ll also find plenty of reviews of other people’s business opportunities along with urgent scam alerts to stop you losing money.

This is a fantastic resource that won’t cost you any money, so grab the opportunity. Click here and sign up now.

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