A quick guide to product development

by Charlie Wright

I’m really encouraged by some of the emails I’ve been getting this month. Quite a few people are interested in creating their own information products… home traders, property enthusiasts, people with good ideas that have worked for them.

So I thought I’d share my advice with everyone.

If you’ve got a workable money-making system, diet, trading strategy or business idea that you want to share, then here’s what to do.


·         Work the information into a rough draft. Don’t worry about style or grammar. Just get the ideas down.

·         Write down the core idea or secret – whatever makes this unique or powerful.

·         Gather together some evidence. This could be research, test results, trial runs, testimonials, case studies. Whatever helps show your system in action and proves its worth.

·         Write a proposal – this would include all the above, plus a description of what sort of chapters you’d have. Also include how someone would use the information (time of day required, hours or minutes a week, investment capital etc).

·         Put the proposal in a Word document and write a brief email. Find out a contact name, don’t just write ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Say who you are and what your proposal is (in a nutshell). Offer your contact details. Don’t propose a deal yet.

·         Send this to a few publishers. If it’s business opportunity, trading, betting, or personal finance I would recommend Canonbury Publishing, Fortis Publications, Agora Lifestyles and Oxfordshire Press.

·         Or send it to me. I can then pass it onto two publishers who may be interested.

Bear in mind that the publisher will have to on board the financial risk, write the sales promotion material, develop the idea, edit your copy, proofread , design and print. ??They’ll also go out to their lists which they’ve spent years building and developing.

So don’t expect a 50-50 deal. You’re more likely to get a 10%-25% cut of the profits depending on how fully formed your idea is, and how much work needs to be done.

If you want a larger cut then this is what you need to do…

The HARD option
Develop the product yourself. Get it as complete as possible. Self-publish, even if it’s just an ebook to start. Write a sales promotion and get it online.

NOW take it to a publisher. Even if they have to do some work on it and get it printed, you could look at 40%+ as a cut. Again this depends on how much work they need to do.


You can do everything, get it printed, stocked, ready to go. Write the sales page. Build a small list (perhaps using an email newsletter & free report as a free front end to get names) then test out your product, tweak as necessary – even get some testimonials.

NOW take it along with the test results to a publisher and see if they’ll recommend it to their list. For that you’ll get 50% of the net profits on all sales. You can then offer it to other publishers.??Each successive option has a higher income for you, but the more work and risk on your part.

There’s a lot more to it of course, but you get the gist!

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