Secrets of a biz opp junkie

By Charlie Wright

This week, a reader showed me a horrible little website.

It advertises a system called ‘Grow Your Own Pound’ and promises to show you:

“How to turn £10 into over £450k in 1 year… no catch… no hassle, no selling, no surveys, working from home.”

A tenner into £450K… in ONE year?

That’s a claim so big, you could stick Admiral Nelson on top of it, prop it up in Trafalgar Square, let the pigeons cover it in white doo-doo… and nobody would know the difference.

So who’s offering this multi-million pound MIRACLE? ?

Surprise, surprise, the website has no company details, no name at the bottom, no testimonials, nothing.

Nada. Zilch. Nowt.

I wonder why that would be? And I also wonder how much would it cost you to discover the secret of turning £10 into almost half a million quid?

Well, they’re asking for £14.

Seems very cheap. If you knew this secret, how much would YOU charge?

Of course, there’s no guarantee attached to any of this. They expect you to send them £14, just like that.

In a way, it’s similar to someone coming up to you, brandishing a banana, and saying:

“One bite of this banana and you will become the greatest lover in the known universe, bar none.”

“How?” you cry.

“By giving me £14.”

“But how will it do what you promise?” you scream.

“£14 and you’ll know.”

“How?”??”Because you’ll have the £14 banana.”

“But who ARE you?” (You’re now blue in the face.)

“I’m Mr £14,” he says, shoving the banana into your hand. “And I’d like ?£14, please”

Actually, this REALLY happened to me in East London last week. I couldn’t believe the cheek of the man. Imagine such a thing!

Of course, I bought the banana.

Don’t even attempt this stunt

On your behalf, I tried to buy this miracle ‘Grow Your Own Pound’ product… for research purposes, you know… so I could discover their wondrous secret…

But they sent me to a weird payment site with no buying instructions or anywhere to ‘click to buy’.

As I’ve already had £250 siphoned from my bank account this month by online “evil doers”, I gave up on this quickly, smelling a rat.

I imagine what you’ll get if you do respond to an ad like this… if anything ?at all… is an instruction telling you to set up a website like theirs.

That way, you too can use it to skim cash off ordinary, hardworking folk!


Anyway, avoid. And avoid anything that looks or smells similar to this.

Make sure you see a name signing off the promotion… a money back guarantee of some sorts… and evidence of a company or publisher behind the product.

Before you think I’m on some kind of high horse of superiority, lecturing you like Henry V, I know why these things are so irresistible.

See, I’m someone who is EXTREMELY susceptible to advertising. I’ve got ?juicers gathering dust in my cupboards, CDs I’ve never listened to, manuals and courses I’ve barely read.

In fact, I used to be what you would call a ‘biz opp junkie’.

If you know what I’m talking about, read on.

Revealed! The mindset of a biz opp junkie?

When you read about a moneymaking opportunity, you get a rush of ?excitement and expectation, yes?

So you press “BUY” and feel like you’ve done something positive. That all your problems are solved. Your mind races. Your head fills with ideas and plans for the future.

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

But you have to understand… buying the information is only the BEGINNING.

On its own, that feeling is just that: a feeling. It’s not real, tangible money. ?The hard part in all this is following it through. Putting a bit of time. ?Keeping up your enthusiasm. Taking the first few knocks.

You’ve got to put something to the test in order to know for sure if it really ?works for you, or not.

This won’t happen if it’s on the shelf beside ‘A Brief History of Time’, ?gathering dust.

I used to be one of those guys who bought the opp in a flurry of ?excitement, telling my girlfriend, “THIS IS IT, I’M GOING TO BE RICH, LET’S BOOK A HOLIDAY!”

Then I’d read a bit of it and immediately come up with objections as ?to why I couldn’t get started. Then I’d come up with a ‘good’ reason for doing it later.

Lovely. I now felt excused. I could stick it on my shelf.

Weeks later, however, I felt empty, deflated, cheated, disappointed… and ?hungry as ever.

So what did I do? Go back and try it again?

No! I’d go looking for another business opportunity, so I could re-capture that heady thrill.

It’s a lot easier than actually doing the work, right?

This is how people become biz opp junkies. They wander from fix to fix. ?Almost as if they’d rather sit back and IMAGINE the idea of making big money… than putting effort into getting those first profits, however small.

Well, no more…

A solution for all you addicts out there?

The key is never to accept that it’s going to be quite as easy or as ?immediately profitable as it says in the advertising.

In the same way as McDonalds’ burgers aren’t as big as they look in the ad (small handed actors, I reckon!)… biz opps may not be all that they appear.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Why blame someone for selling the good points and hiding some of the bad?

In this western capitalist circus, EVERYONE does it, from trading firms ?like the late ENRON, to our dear government.

Fact of life.

Okay, so you may not rake in a grand a month at first… but if the system works at all, then stick at it.

I mean, what if you’re making a few hundred quid a month for a few hours a week… surely this is a start?

The key to wealth is persistence?

All biz opps take a while to get going. But when you start making a couple of hundred quid extra a week, your motivation will grow. You’ll see that ?couple of hundred quid now could mean a couple of thousand next year!

The excitement will now come from inside YOU – not some copywriter trying to sell you an idea.

So when you buy an opportunity and get hold of the materials, here’s what to do. Write some targets and a realistic plan based on the spare time you have.

Now follow the blueprint or course as described in the book or course. Follow everything to the letter. Don’t just pick out the bits you are most ?comfortable with.

And discipline yourself to do this!

Many of these business opportunities really do work! People really do make money from home! So become one of them!

So if you are still seeking an idea to get your teeth into, don’t forget to check out the latest on the website

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