See if you can beat THIS £18,274 winning streak

Article by Charlie Wright

As you know I’ve been banging on lately about swinehunds who make unrealistic promises.

But this opportunity I’m reviewing today is totally kosher, above board, on the level, hunky dory, and all that jazzmatazz.

And there’s proper, old fashioned PROOF, too. (I know, shock horror!)

In fact, with this one you’re only talking £18,274 for 15 minutes a day.

Okay, it’s not exactly Lamborghini ’n’ champers time. However, the difference is that this is genuinely what people who subscribed to this system have made. This is actual money. And you can see the evidence in a full and unedited results spreadsheet.

And if you could do with this kind of extra money, you’ll be pleased to know that this DOESN’T require starting or running a business.

Old time readers will recognise this from waaaaay back in 2007. But if you haven’t revisited this, I think you’ll be genuinely impressed by these results – (they’re on the spreadsheet link half way down). Take a look here.

TRUTH TIME: Why most betting systems stop working after a few months

Okay, here’s something most publishers won’t tell you about betting systems…

Most of these systems are tested very successfully before they launch. If it’s a reputable publisher, those stats you see when a betting system is first promoted are always ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

People write in wondering if these figures quoted o the websites for these systems could “made up”. But in many cases, not at all.

What happens is that when a decent tipster plays the betting market, he or she will usually have a winning streak. They can react quickly to any events or changes. They have the abilities to get onto the bet right away, and because it’s just them and a small crew of testers, they can do this without moving the market.

So the track record is almost always excellent as a system is being prepared for publication.

Then what happens is this…

After a month or two of launch, the markets are being moved by the sheer amount of punters using the system. The tipster has to communicate with punters to get them into the bets, and the time delays can mean the profits get lower.

However, sometimes (and I MEAN sometimes, this is once in the bluest of blue moons) I recommend something that over-achieves by a long shot.

It not only works when it launches, it keeps working even years later.

Finally, a lay system that’s delivered

Here’s a betting system I first reviewed in 2007 with huge amounts of positive feedback. Since then, and this is over TWO YEARS, it has not only continued to work, you’d have turned a £1K starting bank into £18,274.

Take a look at this website – half way down you’ll see the excel spreadsheet with EVERY SINGLE bet – wins AND losses- made by this service. It’s absolutely staggering and possible THE most consistent money making betting service I’ve ever come across in my entire time doing Biz Opps.

Take a look at this.

Those stats broken down…

Since 25th June 2007 to May 25th 2009 the service, called Lay Profit Alert, recommended 3,738 bets. There are about 6 for each racing day, taking no more than it 15 minutes to place in total.

They clocked up 2,853 winners from LOSING horses (check out the system, it’s a lay system which means you’re not relying on winners.). They picked 890 losers (i.e. that means the horse they backed to lose actually won.)

The strike rate from all this comes out at 76%. The cumulative results mean that a £1,000 starting bank would have turned into to £18,274 in tax free profits.

Yes, these gains were small – about £10-£20 a day – but the system shows you how to reinvest the small winnings into a larger pot.

What’s good about this one is that Kev Lane doesn’t boast about getting it right all the time. If you look at the Excel spreadsheet you’ll see losses, and some finger-whitening losing runs.

But anyone who tries to tell you this won’t ever happen is, to be quite frank, a swindler.

Could it beat the traditional money nest-eggs?

The Lay Profit Alert website doesn’t hide anything. In fact, they do something fascinating to put this all into perspective. They compare the kind of investment in this system with what you’d get out of most traditional investments these says

They compare it with 3 other types of investment:

·   Shares: Kev Lane says: “the UK stock market as measured by the FTSE 100 has plummeted 49% since June 2007- share investments, ISAs and pensions have all been hammered.”

·   Property: Kev Lane says: “In June 2007 the average UK house price was £184,070. Today the average price is £154,016 – a fall of 19%. There is currently no end in sight with many experts predicting a fall of 50% or more from the peak a few years ago.”

·   Savings: Kev Lane says: “Interest rates are at an all-time low, slowly draining savings and actually losing money in real terms.”

So this is a pretty bold statement from Kev Lane and the guys at Canonbury publishing.

They are so confident in this system they’ve published the complete results without any fudging or excuses.

They’ve made a totally genuine, proven and realistic promise in the £18K profit claim, as you’ll see form the spreadsheet.

What’s more, they’re saying it could even be a safer place for your money than plonking it into the traditional nest eggs.

Just for the results alone, this gets a Wrighty thumbs up. But two thumbs get raised for coming out and being honest and upfront about what you get for your money.

For all the details, click here:


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