Tax does have to be taxing… for Miquita Oliver

Ah tax…

Not even celebrities aren’t immune to its icy grip. It’s increasingly looking like Harry Redknapp may have to face jail time for tax evasion… and now it’s just been revealed that Miquita Oliver has just had to file for bankruptcy for…

Wait for it…

Unpaid taxes! Unpaid taxes to the tune of £174,515.47.

Who on earth is Miquita Oliver?

If you’ve ever been hungover on a Sunday you’ll recognise her as the throaty presenter of T4 (on Channel 4). Prior to that she used to host Popworld.

In December 2010 she was heard making disparaging comments off camera about KE$HA, a guest on T4, by the singer’s management. She was suspended from the show and the long and the short of it is her contract wasn’t renewed.

Miquita, if you’re reading this, today the Saving Money section of Insider’s Edge is dedicated to you.

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