The Complete eTail Mastery Programme – Maggie Connock

complete etail mastery - maggie connock

complete etail mastery - maggie connockQuick update! This is something that I’m convinced you could easily use to pocket £500 or more in the run up to Christmas.

It has nothing to do with financial trading, gambling or anything like that…

It’s an online selling technique that offers great profit potential without the usual song and dance.

By the usual song and dance I mean there’s no need to build a website, deal with people face to face, or make endless trips to the post office if you don’t want to.

In fact it blasts away a lot of those boring hurdles that get in the way of most people trying to make an income selling online.

You can find out more here

This is timely for two important reasons…

The first is that the publisher tells me that only 150 people are being accepted on this. That’s because proper support (which is such a rarity these days) is being offered – so the numbers have been strictly capped.

The second is that right now, the run up to Christmas, is the best possible time to get started.

Maggie Connock, the lady behind this, used these techniques to make £1,268 in a single day in December last year.

It’s not complicated or tricky and you don’t need to be a technical whizz. In fact Maggie’s so confident that you’ll start profiting from this within your first 10 – 45 days that she guarantees it.

Well worth a look.

Full details here

2 responses to “The Complete eTail Mastery Programme – Maggie Connock”

  1. With reference to the “system” by “Steve”, I believe this could be similar to a system I purchased a few years ago by Steve Copan called “The G Code” based on Fibonacci levels and which also included another system using stochastics which I could not get the hang of.
    The original gave something like 6 months of back trades on the Daily S&P500 using ISD triangle set ups for the trades. These do not occur that often but Steve’s S&P examples returned a very high number of successful trades.
    I still trade ISD’s along with other trading plans although not all the time and have adapted it for use on the major Daily Forex pairs and some of the Minor Crosses with lower spreads.
    The main drawback I found to be that the trade calculations take a lot of time and paper especially if, as I had once, 7 sets of ISD’s showing up.
    I developed a manual spreadsheet for the order of carrying out the calculations but that was time consuming so I sat down with my son who is a whizz at Excell and made up a spreadsheet on my computer so that I put in the relevant figures and Excell automatically calculates all the price levels for stops and 2 profit levels for both Long and Short trades.
    I believe “Steve” has revamped the manual using a currency pairing.
    I read about it recently and guessed from the advertising copy that it was similar to the G Code and I think it is somewhat underhand to dress it up in the way it has been as possibly some readers may end up re-purchasing something that they have already owned and tried.
    I hope the foregoing gives a little insight for your further investigation.

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