This has to be the land deal of the century!

Article by Charlie Wright

At the risk of sounding like a salesman…


Yes, my friend, imagine owning a slice of untouched real estate that nations would FIGHT each other to get hold of…

** A piece of land packed with a carbon-efficient energy source that could bring power to entire generations

** An investment that could bring you MULTIPLE FIGURE GAINS… the respect of all your peers…and wealth beyond your wildest dreams


There’s only ONE teeny, eeny, weeny, sqeeeny problem…

It’s not of this earth

You might have read this in the papers, but a US entrepreneur called Dennis Hope has made multiple millions selling plots of real estate…

…On the moon.

Mad but true. He found a loophole in the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty and has claimed ownership of the Moon for 20 years.

He’s been flogging it off at a tenner an acre with this justification:

‘We’re doing exactly what our forefathers did when they came to the New World from the European continent.’

When I first read this nonsense, I thought:

“Ingenious piece of self-marketing… but what good is owning land on the moon?”

Then it turns out that Bush and the other megalomaniacs of this earth are planning to mine the moon for helium 3. This could be used to supply us with pollution-free energy for many thousands of years.

Which makes it a pretty good investment after all.

Hope says a further eight billion acres of the moon are still up for grabs. So watch out in a few years for a direct mail promotion popping into your inbox with:

“Buy this slice of lunar real estate NOW and make 5,000% gains in less than 12 months.”

(Or something like that.)

You heard it here first.

But while some entrepreneurs are lucky enough to get a break on the moon… we mere mortals should make the most of the many earthly business opportunities available to us…

Here’s a nicer earner you can start today

Fancy investment opportunities with BIG CLAIMS and thrilling back-stories (like owning the moon!) make very good sales pitches…

Same goes for those shouty internet marketing promotions that offer ways to make millions at the touch of a button.

However, we shouldn’t ignore some of the more mundane opportunities that are already PROVEN to make money.

Take the wheelie bin cleaning business, for instance.

There are almost 25 million wheelie bins in the UK. Businesses have them. Homes have them. But they stink up the place and cause diseases like salmonella and E Coli.

Try walking through Central London on a hot summer’s day and you’ll smell for yourself.

So there’s clearly a market here. And a simple business opportunity… if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

First off you’ll need about £6,000 in start-up capital. This will cover all the machinery (like a high pressure hosing machine), transport and advertising. But if you think about it, apart from buying fuel to get about, this is all you’ll need to spend.

And it’s about the same amount of money you’d pay for a couple of hyped internet marketing seminars!

The advertising will probably need only some basic flyers and some door-to-door knocking. And you’ll start making money right away.

I’ve seen a blueprint for this in the ‘What Really Makes Money’ service. It’s one of the many business ideas Nick Laight investigates on a monthly basis! LINK tO NL REVIEW

Based on his figures, if you get a customer database of 1,500 customers in six months, you should make a turnover of around £60,000 annually.

From £6,000 invested to £60,000 income… that’s almost as good as investing in the moon!
If you’re interested, Karen McBride has run a wheelie bin cleaning service for the past 12 years. Go and check out her site and you’ll see how she does it.

There’s also a guide to setting up on your own, too:

And here’s another one I’ve found that offers a franchise opportunity…

Call me old fashioned, but…

I love these old nuts ‘n’ bolts businesses. In the old days of the Guild of Wealth, back in 1999, these were the kinds of home enterprises people were into.

I’m not putting down all the internet stuff – I do it myself! – but I reckon there’s still plenty of scope in the world of three dimensional objects.

Here’s another one I like…

You take a digital camera and go looking for new home developments…the more expensive and unique the better… but any will do.

Now you need to take snaps of each house as it’s being built. Go back at regular intervals and take your pictures. Record which house is which, and store the information in a file.

When people begin to move into their new homes… this is your chance to make money.

Again, using flyers and door-to-door knocking, offer the proud new owners a chance to have a framed picture of their house as it was being built.

Sell them for a tenner and you’ll make about £8 or £9 profit, after costs.

You can also try various different strategies… perhaps put all the pictures in one montage…offer a long framed picture with the photos side by side… or sell each picture individually.

Get creative, test the market, and you could really boost your profits.

It’s an idea, anyway.

I’ve also come across a new report about making money from your digital camera – I’ll let you know more as soon as I’ve finished it.

Got a nuts’n’bolts business of your own?

If you’ve made one of these old-fashioned businesses work…and you think you could put the info into a blueprint so that other people could copy the business…

…then you could possibly sell your blueprint to other seekers!

If so, send the details email I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely take a look.

And remember to check all the latest on the website.

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