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Best of the Web

Best of the Web Here are this week’s handpicked selections…

How to cut the costs of being overdrawn

Fines, interest charges… dodgy loan companies. Being overdrawn is rubbish. Get in a financial pickle and instead of being given room to breath and put things in order, lenders capitalise on our misfortune and drive us deeper into debt. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your finances.

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7 ways to cut your diabetes risk

Type 2 diabetes now affects more than 2 million in the UK alone. These days it’s increasingly hitting younger folk too. If you’re not a sufferer here are a few things you can do to lower your levels of risk.

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How to retain and build a strong team as your business grows

Business is going well and you start unfurling the plans for expansion and world domination… but ultimately you’re only ever as good as the team you’ve got working alongside you. Here are 7 tips to help you keep in control, maintain existing relationships and bring on new staff who’ll understand and enhance your business.

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How to avoid getting a tennis injury

Tennis fever is upon us! Nadal stormed to victory the French Open and Wimbledon awaits. It’s a pretty unforgiving sport. Andy Murray’s been plagued with injury and it wasn’t too long ago that Nadal himself was recovering from his. Here’s some advice on staying injury free for anyone who likes to play, as well as watch, tennis.

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How to protect your images from being stolen

As a photography enthusiast I know image theft is a very real threat – not just for people trying to make a living from photography but for ordinary folk who have their private photos or artwork used (without permission) in marketing campaigns and elsewhere. Here are some handy tips from an artist at war with photo theft.

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Kim Jong-il looking at things

A Tumblr blog dedicated to bringing us pictures of North Korea’s pint sized dictator Kim Jong-il looking at things. He’s looking at people, roads and all manner of inanimate objects with a determined look on his face. I have absolutely no idea why it’s funny but it is. Sadly no new images have been added for a while, possibly because North Korea’s Flickr (photo sharing) account was hacked recently.

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Infographic: Pollen, Pollen Everywhere

Suffer from hayfever? If you don’t the chances are you know someon who does. This week’s infographic shows what kind of impact it’s having in the US… and always offers up an interesting selection of remedies…

Cures for allergies in the U.S.[Infographic]

From: Bankrate Insurance’s InsuranceQuotes.com


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