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Best of the Web

Best of the Web Here are this week’s handpicked selections…

How to learn skills fast – the ‘pop up’ way

Learning new skills fast is becoming a popular trend and ‘How to’ academies where you can learn anything from CV writing to marathon running are popping up everywhere. Interesting article on this innovative idea itself and where to go to brush up your own skills. Fancy learning how to build a bike from scratch? There’s a guru for that.

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Tips to help you send money abroad

Maybe you’ve got family, friends or relatives living abroad or perhaps you’re thinking of going travelling or relocating to another country yourself. Sending money abroad can be an expensive process – here are 10 tips to give you the upper hand.

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How to escape from quicksand

Desperately common problem this, especially in the UK – in fact I’m surprised I’m asked about this on an hourly basis. Joking aside, if you find yourself wandering near a marsh, a lake or near the coast and the ground starts giving way, here are a few tips that could help save your life (unless of course you’re Indiana Jones, in which case you’ll probably have it covered).

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Top 10 money-saving business tips

Running a business is expensive – especially in this climate – and sometimes saving on a few costs here or there can mean the difference between staying afloat and going under. Here are some common sense, actionable tips you can apply to help you slash any unnecessary outgoings.

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7 ways to double the size of your band’s fan base

If you’re an artist – or know someone who is – this is an excellent article containing tips and ideas to help improve the size of your fan base. There’s no filler or fluff in this and a lot of these principles could be applied to marketing in any sector. Well worth a look.

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Ugliest tattoos

A dazzling selection of some of the world’s most poorly drawn, ugly and downright ridiculous tattoos.

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Infographic: 10 tips for better sleep

Infographic with some tips to help you get the best possible sleep.

10 Tips for Better Sleep

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